Top 5 Free YouTube Thumbnail Download tools

Thumbnails are small images showing a preview of a video file. Downloading YouTube thumbnails will help you finding videos in your archive.

In this article:

  • What are the features of a good YouTube Thumbnail Downloader
  • Review of the Top 5 Thumbnail Download tools
  • Conclusion and copyright information

Why is YouTube Thumbnail download so useful nowadays? Because videos represent a big portion of our daily life. Every day we make dozens of videos using our phone. Sometimes we post them on social networks, other times we simply want to keep them for personal projects or to just watch them during family dinners and parties. In this case, archiving your own footage becomes necessary to not miss even a second of the highlights of your life. For this reason, thumbnails are a great resource!

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YouTube Thumbnail Download

When we find interesting thumbnails on YouTube that we’d like to use for our personal projects, the best thing we can do is downloading them. There are some nice websites that can do the job for you, for FREE, very quickly and easily!

Let’s go through the best tools available.

Get YouTube Thumbnail

get images youtube

Get YouTube Thumbnail is a very simple website that will show you the thumbnail of any YouTube video, after pasting it on the page. It’s probably the simplest solution to your problems. Unfortunately it has limitations, as it only offers YouTube thumbnail download in one size and format.

Thumbnail Grabber

grabber home page

Thumbnail Grabber is also a very simple website. It works the same way of Get YouTube Thumbnail, but allows you to download the image in HD by simply clicking on the button Download. Easy solution, same job. Definitely worthy!

YouTube Thumbnail Image

image home

YouTube Thumbnail Image is a very nice alternative to the two websites we’ve spoken above. On YouTube Thumbnail image we finally find advanced options. In fact, this website allows you to pick different sizes for your image, to satisfy your needs. Note that not all thumbnails are the same quality and size and quality. The final quality of the thumbnail you downloaded depends on quality and how big a YouTube thumbnail is. The procedure is easy as usual, you’ll only need to paste the url of the YouTube video, and instantly you’ll get to download the thumbnail.

image size choice

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

main page downloader

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is an alternative to YouTube Thumbnail Image. It is useful to get YouTube thumbnails in a few seconds. It is simple to use and gives the opportunity to pick the size of image that better suits your needs.

Quick, safe and high quality, as all the other tools presented above, this one is perfect for giving an image to your home videos.

choose thumbnail size

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In Conclusion 

After using one of the tools presented above, your life will change. These are the best YouTube thumbnail download’s tools you can find online. After this, archiving your videos won’t be a pain anymore. In fact, you’ll be able to find all you need simply by checking the preview images! 

Obviously, make sure to not download material protected by copyright, do a good and wise use of everything you’ll obtain after using the software we’ve presented above. Good luck, and stop wasting time finding the right video, it’s time to make things easy!
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