YouTube History: who created YouTube and how old is it?

When was youtube created? How did everything start? Who created YouTube? We will tell you all you need to know and more!

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If you’re considering starting a business that involves videos you will probably have to deal with YouTube at some stage in the process. An example of business that you could start on YouTube is a video podcast. Here, we have an interesting guide on How to produce your home podcast. For this reason it would probably be good for you to learn a little bit about the history of this great platform.

Nowadays, YouTube is one of the most famous and commonly used video platforms in the world. Every day millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube and for us it’s just normal.

These days, we take for granted that anything we’ve been looking for can be found online. Actually, we probably would be surprised if we wouldn’t be able to find something on the web and YouTube is not an exception. Anything that happened in the ‘00 is likely to be there.

When Was YouTube Created?

In the early 00’s, the internet was becoming a big thing. In fact, during those years people started to consider whether they would be getting a fast domestic internet connection. People started using the internet not only for working, but also to have fun, and to do research and homework.

Unfortunately at that time there wasn’t a proper platform to find videos. In fact, they all were all over the place on the web. And that’s how the idea came up!

The idea of creating a platform that would collect videos came in 2004 and was developed and ready to go live by February 2005.

Who Created YouTube?

YouTube was obviously one of the greatest creations in the first decade of the third millennium. After all these years we still use it and it’s now part of everybody’s life. However, only a few of us know the names of the people that started all of this.

So, next time you’ll be asking yourself “Who created YouTube?”, remember the answer is: three ex Paypal employees. Specifically, YouTube was created by Steve Chen, Jawed Karim and Chad Hurley.

These three guys came up with an idea that revolutionized the concept of videoclips. After YouTube became a big thing online, the idea of making a video changed forever. To give you an example, music video clips and stand up comedy clips can be easily watched and rewatched online, anytime you want. Back in the day, you were supposed to wait for ages until the tv would play your favorite song or your stand up show would be aired.

When did Google Buy YouTube?

Everybody knows Google. But just in case you spent the last twenty years living on another planet, we’re doing a quick recap for you.

Google is a multinational company specialised in web-related products. We’re talking about one of the biggest tech companies on the planet with a net income of dozens of billions of dollars per year.

Now that we’ve refreshed our minds about what Google is, it’s time to answer the question “When did Google buy YouTube?”. Well, it was November 2006 and the money involved was an astronomical amount. In fact, we’re talking about $1.65 billion. Since then, YouTube is a sub product of the brand Google.

Nowadays, managing YouTube is very easy and when you create a Google account, you automatically get a YouTube subscription too.

A Little Bit More

We’ve finally learned something more about YouTube. Now we know Who Created YouTube and how old it is. But there’s more!

In fact, not only is YouTube a great platform that collects videos, but it could become an incredible tool you might need to use for starting a business!

For this reason, the experts of Job Wherever write guides to help you find your own way to make business and take advantage of the best tool on the market.

In this case, we’d like to point out a great way to make profit on YouTube with a video podcast.

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This guide aimed to give some insights oin the YouTube world. Now you have a bit of knowledge and you know a bit more about this great platform. Feel free to reach out at for any kind of queries. Stay in touch and good luck!

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