Fight back Covid-19 (Virus) and work remotely with Jobsora in the USA

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CoronaVirus (Covid-19) is a viral infection that’s spreading through the world right now. Over 100 countries are currently struggling with the total elimination of the virus, including the US. Either in Washington, in Florida, and other major cities, companies, restaurants, and other businesses are taking a huge hit.

In the US alone, as of writing this, there are over 165 deaths and 11,000 reported cases. This is scary, even though it’s seemingly just a fraction of the country’s population. Many people are said to be out of their jobs, and you may probably be one of them. Though the President just signed relief packages to be sent to those that lost their jobs, it still probably won’t suffice in living a standard life.

You are most likely not new to the concept of working remotely while you earn. Now that most of the country is on lockdown, you need to get serious with finding how you can make money right from your bedroom. By doing this, you are fighting the virus the little way you can (social distancing), and you are also creating a job for yourself in the long-term.

Once you get things right with earning remotely, you most likely will not need to go back to your less paying job.

According to research, remote works are more productive, and the hiring process is faster. This seems too good to be accurate, but it is.

Advantages of getting a remote job

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There are a couple of reasons why you need to get a remote job

You don’t need to keep traveling: By working remotely, you are less exposed to the annoying traffic situations that plague significant cities. You also don’t need to join a rush hour to catch a train.

You control your schedule: This is possibly the best thing about working remotely, you manage your schedule. In fact, on a Monday morning, you may decide to spend your time with Netflix while you resume work at noon.

You can work anywhere: Regular employees have to call into work daily, even one day where are they are needed to accomplish a single task. When you work remotely, you can decide to travel with your partner and get your job done from your hotel room. That’s the flexibility remote working offers you.

How to find the perfect job for you

Best place to look in the USA

Now, there are several sites you can go ahead to search for jobs. A renowned example is Jobsora, where

you find not only your dream job, but also resources that get you ready to take that job. While many job posting site is challenging to navigate for the search of remote works, jobsora is different. Navigating through the ‘remote work’ filter is pretty straightforward.

The job opportunities on this website are limitless, and you will be glad you became a member of the site. The website keeps you up to date with your dream industry, detailing trends and tips on how to have the edge over other applicants.

How about LinkedIn

Truth be told, when you are looking for a remote job, the last place you should be checking is LinkedIn. Only on rare occasions will you be successful with such a search. The reason is simple, LinkedIn is designed for corporate and professional uses. Employers on LinkedIn are mainly looking for full-term employees that will add value to their companies.

This isn’t saying that you don’t have value to offer. It merely infers that LinkedIn employer is more inclined towards in-house employment. Hence, LinkedIn is not the best option.

Your most important assignment

The most important thing you need to do in your quest to land a remote job is the identification of the company you can work. Relative to remote works, there are two different types of companies out there. There are partially distributed companies and fully distributed companies.

Distributed companies are those where there are remote workers – they, in most cases, don’t have a physical office. You need to figure out what type your company of interest is and do the needful in securing a place.


These are uncertain times, in that, no one knows when the pandemic will come to a total halt. In China, the city of Wuhan, where the virus emanated, reports zero new cases as of a couple of days back. However, in other places of the world, including the US, the battle is still on, and no one has an answer yet. While there is nothing you can do during social distancing, you need to find a remote job, and this is the best website to start your search.