Word Count Online: how to do it Safely and for Free

A Word Count Online tool is used to count the number of words (and characters) in your document. This is required for any kind of document, from school papers to cover letters

Finding an online word count tool is very simple, but are you aware of the risks? If you use the wrong word count tool, your privacy might be violated. In extreme cases this might lead to identity theft!

Fortunately, out there we can find free online word counter tools that are free and safe. This article will guide you through the options and teach you how to use the best one, for free.

Word count online, knowing the risks

As previously explained, there is more than one safe and free online word counter. Let’s first see why it is so important to choose a good one.

When you use a word count online tool, you have to upload your content online. This means that your private information will be shared to the website doing the counting. Once they finished the counting, they should erase your private information. However, some websites will keep your information and sell it to the highest bidder. This could be anyone, from a marketing company to a criminal trying to steal your identity!

Another risk is bad encryption. If a word count tool online has bad encryption, hackers can steal your information when you are uploading it to the website.

How to count words in Microsoft Office documents

Good news, if you are using Microsoft Office, you do not need to do an online word count. Office already incorporates this function, for free!

How to count words in Microsoft Word

Counting words in Microsoft Word is super easy. Just take a look to the bottom right of your page and you will find the right amount of words typed your document (see screenshot below).

Count words in Microsoft Word

How to count words in PowerPoint

Counting words in PowerPoint is extremely easy. Just go to the top left and click:

  • File
  • Info
  • Show all properties 

Can you see the Words field? Good, this number indicates the amount of words in your presentation. Really easy and efficient, isn’t it? For more info you can check Microsoft’s support page

Free online word counter options, 100% safe

The best Word Count Online tool 

If you are not using Microsoft Office, you will probably need an online word counter. We extensively looked into the best options, and the winner is….. Google Docs! 

Yes, you read correctly, Google Docs can do word count online, for free and safely!!! In fact, Google Docs uses great encryption and it will not sell you data to the highest bidder. 

In addition, you can count words from documents in any possible format. From PDF to Word to Text file! Isn’t it great?
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How to do online word count with Google Docs for free and safely

The only thing you need to count words with Google Docs, is a Gmail Account. If you do not have one, you can create one while opening Google Docs.

 To count words with Google Docs, just do the following:

  • Open Google Docs
  • If needed, sign-in with your gmail account (or create one)
  • Click on Blank in Start a new document (the big colorful + in the screenshot below).
  • Click File, Open on the top left of the Google Doc page that you just created.
  • Select the Upload tab 
  • Click Select a file from your device
  • Select the file you want from your computer
  • If asked, click open with Google Docs
  • Click Tools in the top menu and select Word count
  • This will open the Menu below showing the word count in your document
Count words in Google Docs and PDF

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Now you know how to use Google Docs as an online word count tool. This will allow you to count your words safely and for free. Interested in more tips on Word and other productivity tools? Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date and don’t forget to contact us for any kind of doubt!