What is an Unlisted YouTube Video? How to find it? Unlisted vs Private

It has happened to anyone that tried to upload a video on YouTube at least once. Seeing the “unlisted” option and thinking: what is an unlisted YouTube video? In this guide, we’re about to explain to you what an unlisted YouTube video is.

Are you working on a new show for your video podcast? There’s obviously a few things you need to know and consider. If you’ve already read our guide about Successful podcast: All you need to know about Podcast Editing services, and you think that on that side everything is figured out properly, you might need to know a bit more about YouTube settings.

In fact, when it comes to uploading videos on YouTube, the settings available are pretty straight forward. Then, we spot that weird “unlisted” option and once again, we can’t figure it out!

In this article you will find:

  • What is an unlisted YouTube video?
  • YouTube: Unlisted vs Private
  • How to find Unlisted YouTube videos?
  • Conclusion

What is an unlisted YouTube video?

We could define “unlisted” as a special category of private videos. On YouTube, unlisted videos are those videos that can’t organically be searched for, but can be viewed by users that already have the link of the videos.

So, let’s assume that you’ve just shot the new videoclip of your own band. It’s ready to be released and the Premiere will be tomorrow night at 7pm. You definitely want to upload the video in advance to make sure that everything will go the right way.

So, a few hours before the Premiere of your new videoclip, you want to make sure to upload it on YouTube. At some stage, you’ll be asked to Publish the video, to set it Private or Unlisted.

The Unlisted option is very convenient, because then, you’ll be able to send the link to a couple of friends and make sure that everything goes right before your great event.

So, the Unlisted option gives you the opportunity to show the video to people, simply sending them the link, without the risk of having people finding your video by organic search..

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YouTube: Unlisted vs Private

We’ve already spoken above about what Unlisted videos are. However, it might be good to go a bit more into detail and try to analyse the main differences between Unlisted and Private videos. Also, let’s see how to take advantage of the Unlisted option during the uploading process.

A Private video is a video that can’t be found by anyone, except for you that uploaded it. This option is perfect if you want to upload the video in advance without disclosing it to the audience. It gives you the opportunity to work on Title, Description, Metadata and Tags without revealing the content of your new project to the audience. We’d always advise to set your new videos on Private right after uploading them, just to make sure that everything is fine and ready to go live.

So, now you are probably a little bit confused… you might be wondering: “What’s the point of setting a video to Unlisted, then?”. That is a really good question, and we’re about to answer it!

As we’ve already said, Unlisted is a special option to keep the video Private, but you will be able to share it at the same time. You could consider an Unlisted video as a real preview of what is about to go live. We’d kindly recommend you to pass from Private to Unlisted before the real live. This will not only give you the opportunity to check that all the elements of your video look good, but also that “the whole thing” works fine on other devices. 

For this reason, this would ideally be the right order of settings to use:

Private → Unlisted → Public.

Of course, it could sometimes happen that you are in a rush and you have to release the video immediately, so you have no time for all these transitions. Obviously, you can do it. Just remember, working in advance will give you the opportunity to make fewer mistakes to fix when everything is already live. Your video will look more professional and your audience will love it!

How to find Unlisted YouTube videos?

Yeah, people upload Unlisted videos all the time. You might be wondering if your favourite singer, actor or influencer does the same. Well, trust me… they do. Everybody does that, and now I see your curiosity and willingness to find some of those Unlisted videos.

Unfortunately, I got to tell you… there’s no chance. The right answer to the question “How to find Unlisted YouTube videos?” is… you just can’t! Well, not organically, at least. 

As we’ve already said, the only way to watch an Unlisted video is clicking on the link to it.

So, maybe instead of looking for a new unreleased video of your favorite band on YouTube, you could try to make new friends and see if you get to reach someone that could share a link with you!

If you decide to go for this last option, please just do not mention that we suggested it and good luck!


Ok, if you were wondering “What is an unlisted YouTube video?” hopefully you have no doubts anymore. We’ve just given you some tips on how to work with Unlisted videos, which is a great option offered by YouTube. I believe that lots of people overlook this feature and don’t really take advantage of its real potential.

Hopefully, now that you know about it, you will use it properly to make sure that everything works fine before letting your videos go live and show them to the big audience.

Remember, to build a good product, you also need good equipment and some skills in terms of recording and editing. If you’re aiming to produce video interviews or a video podcast (and you consider Joe Rogan your mentor) you might be interested in having a look at our guide about How to build a home podcast recording studio (Joe Rogan style). There, you should be able to find all good tips needed to start your own show.

If you enjoyed this guide, and you’re very much into the YouTube universe, stay tuned as many more videos are just unlisted and set to go live very soon!

Feel free to stay in touch with us and reach out at info@jobwherever.com for any queries.

Good luck with your projects!

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