Top 7 Email Verifiers in 2020 (4 Free and 3 Paid)

An email verifier (also known as email checker) is a tool that you can use to check if an email address is valid. There are many reasons why you might want to test an email account. Maybe you need a free email checker to verify if an email address is already used, or maybe you want to find out about someone’s email address for business prospective. 

These are only a few of all the possible reasons why you might be interested in checking the validity of an email address. In this article:

  • I will explain to you how to use an email verifier to verify if an email address is valid and/or already used
  • A complete review of the top free email verifiers available online and how to use them
  • A review of the top email spam checkers

How to use an email verifier

In today’s digitalized world, pretty much everyone has more than one email address (here you can see how to create an email address for free). This means that it is a smart idea to use a free email checker to verify that the email address you want to create is still available. By the way, do you want to create a personalize email address? You can do it for just a few dollars with our instructions!

Check an email address for typos

Another reason you may have to use an email verifier to check an email account, is to check if someone gave you a valid email address. Let’s imagine, a client wrote his/her email address on a piece of paper. If you have doubts about how to spell the address, you can test the email address to ensure you understood the email address correctly. You can do an email address verification with your first guess of the email address. If the result is that the email address is not correct, you can start trying with different spellings and check the email account again. By repeating this you will find out the correct email address!

Find out someone’s email address

Is it possible to find out someone’s email address? Well, the answer is, that it’s not that easy. There is no legitimate archive with everyone’s email addresses. So if you need to try to get someone’s email address, an email verifier can be of great help. If you know someone’s name and the company he/she is working for, you can probably guess some possible combination of name, surname and company name to be the correct email address. For example, if Mr Joe Green is working at JobWherever, possible email addresses would be:,,,  

You can check which email address is valid by using an email verifier! Without doing so, you would probably send an email to a non-existing email address and it would get lost.

email verifier

In case you want to use an email checker because you are worried to contact the wrong person using your personal email, you can considering using a temporary email. A temporary email, also called 10 minutes mail can be used to protect your privacy, for free!

How to use a free email checker

I will soon review the best free email checkers available online. However, before doing so I want to explain to you how to use an email tester. Basically all you need to do is to type (or copy and paste) an email address in the free email verifier to run the email address verification. 

If you want to check more than one email address, you can usually add multiple email addresses separated by a “,” to do the email address verification on all of them. This is particularly useful if you have a long list of email addresses and you want to verify which ones are valid and which ones are not.

Top x free email verifier

Verifyemailaddress from Email Hippo

email hippo

Verifyemailaddress from EmailHippo, is a great free email checker. A good feature of verifyemailaddress from EmailHippo is that you can check both private and corporate emails. This means that you can do a Gmail email check with verifyemailaddress from EmailHippo.

You can also test multiple email addresses and compare the results. However, it doesn’t allow bulk email address verification. This means that you will have to fill in different emails separately to verify them. Verifyemailaddress is a completely free software and it works really well. Let’s see how to use it.

How to use email verifier from Email Hippo

It is really easy to use verifyemailaddress from EmailHippo, just go to, fill in the email address you want to verify in the “email to verify” field and click “Go” (see screenshot below)

verify email address in real time

Verifyemailaddress from EmailHippo will quickly check the email address and report if the address is OK or not. If you need to check more email addresses, just repeat the steps above for all the email addresses you want to check. You do not need to worry about saving results, as verifyemailaddress from EmailHippo will save the results and list them in the lower part of the webpage. In the screenshot below you can see the result of testing three email addresses.

The first email address I tested is just a non-existing Gmail address. The second one is my Job Wherever corporate email and the third one is my personal gmail address (I covered it for privacy reasons).  

results of email verification

As you can see verifyemailaddress from EmailHippo works correctly and gives an “OK” result on the two existing email addresses and a “Bad” result for the incorrect email address. If you are interested in reading the detailed information about an email address, you can click the “More info..” button. This will show more information on the email address, such as the location of the server and more information on the domain. This function can also be very useful if you are doing some research on someone starting from his/her email address.

Hunter email verifier

Hunter is a very good tool to test an email address but it only allows to verify corporate email addresses. If you want to verify a personal email address such as a Google email check or verifying a @hotmail account, skip this chapter and take a look at other email verifiers in this article.

It is very easy to check an email account with Hunter. Just open, fill in the email address you want to check and click “Verify”. Hunter will show the verification results as in the screenshot below. Here you can find if the email is valid, the status of the server and the list of websites where the email is mentioned. 

valid email check is a great tool to check the validity of a corporate email address. However, the list of websites that it suggests is not always complete. For example, in the screenshot above you can find the results from “”. Hunter only finds one website where this link is used. However, I can assure you that this is not the case! We definitely mention our email address more than once on our website. email finder 

If you are looking for someone’s work email address and you know his/her name and the company he/she works for, email finder is the right tool for you! Just go to, fill in name, surname and company name to get the email address. has a big archive with the email address format of most big companies. I checked this functionality with quite some email address I know and it works really well! If you are looking for an email finder, the free email finder from Hunter is probably the best one available on the market email checker

Email Checker

Email checker is an email verifier that offers both a free and a premium account. The main difference between the free and premium account is the fact that the premium account allows bulk email verification. This means that with a free Email Checker account you will have to type ll the email addresses one by one. With a paid premium account, you can import a list of email addresses and check all of them at once. This is really useful if you have a long list of emails and you do not want to copy and paste them one by one.

You can use Email Checker to verify both private and corporate emails. So you can also do a Gmail email check with this tool. 

Email Checker free account

As previously mentioned, the free account offers anything you need to verify one email at the time. I tested Email Checker with quite some corporate and private email accounts. This website works perfectly and it is very simple to use. You can follow the following steps to verify an email address with Email checker:

  • Go to 
  • Type the email address you want to check in the “Email Address” field.
  • Click “Check”
email checker interface

The website will then report OK or NOK depending on the validity of the email address you want to verify. The screenshot above shows what an OK result looks like.

Email Checker premium account

If you want to check many emails at once, the Email Checker premium account is the best option. To be honest the prices are quite good, the basic plan already offers the possibility to check 1000 emails for $15. I would recommend anyone that needs to check more than 100 emails to buy a premium plan. Copying and pasting more than 100 emails manually would cost you a lot of time and you will probably make quite some mistakes. Just invest $15 and save yourself from this alienating task.

Email checker premium plans

verify email address .com is a great website to check the validity of an email address. As many other email verifiers, offers a free version to verify emails one by one and a paid version to verify emails in bulk. free version

The free version of is really simple to use and it passed all our tests. It can successfully verify both private and corporate email addresses. To verify an email address, just go to, type the email address you want to test and click “Verify Email Now”. As you can see in the screenshot below, this free email checker generates a report with the following information:

  • Email Syntax correctness
  • Email server correction check
  • Whether or not the email address is valid
check my email with

Underneath the report there is an orange “View Email Owner button”. As there is no real way to determine the owner of an email address, this button does not really work. So I would recommend not to use it. Just use the basic report to evaluate if an email address is valid or not. premium account

As for the other email verifiers, you will have to purchase a premium account to verify email addresses in bulk. offers both one time plans (called Batch Verification – Ad Hoc Jobs) and monthly plans (called Batch Verification – Monthly Subscription Pricing).

The pricing for a Batch Verification – Ad Hoc Jobs starts from $25 for 3000 verifying 3000 emails. The pricing for a monthly subscription starts from $79. This subscription allows you to verify up to 4000 email addresses per day. 

Email spam checker

Now that you know how to use an email verifier to check if an email address is valid or not, let me introduce you to email spam checkers.

An email spam checker is simply a tool that verifies if emails from a certain email address will land in the inbox or in the spam box of the receiver. An email spam checker is normally used to verify that an email address that you own. Let’s imagine you want to send people information about your new product. Of course you want to make sure that your email will land in their mailbox and not in their spam box. Let’s see how to use an email spam checker!

How to check if your email address is consider spam with glockapps spam testing

You can check if your email address is spam or not for free with glockapps’s Spam Testing by following these easy steps:

email spam check
  • Click the orange “COPY” button. This will copy the email address to which you need to send an email to check if your account is consider spam or not
  • Go to your email account and send an email to the email account you just copied
  • Go back to the glockapps website and click “Then, check your deliverability report”

This will generate the email spam report of your email address. Below you can find an example of a spam email report. Here you can find which email providers (e.g. Google, Outlook, etc..) will consider your email address as spam and which ones do not. The example below shows quite good results as most providers will label your email as non-spam.

email spam check result

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ContactOut: the Chrome extension to discover email addresses from LinkedIn

ContactOut is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to find someone’s email address from their LinkedIn page. ContactOut is super simple to use. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Install the ContactOut Chrome extension
  • Go to the LinkedIn page of the person whose email address you need to get
  • Click on the ContactOut Chrome extension and you will see the email address you are looking for in the ContactOut Extension!

The verdict on email verifiers

You are now able to use an email verifier to check the validity of an email address. You also learned how to check if your emails end up in the spam mailbox of your recipients or not. Take a look at our productivity section to get insights on the best productivity tools to be successful at your job!