The Ultimate Guide for Microsoft 365

Are you planning to upgrade your business or personal IT software? Has an associate recommended Microsoft 365, but your mind tells you otherwise? The good thing is that you’ve come to the right place!

Microsoft has revolutionized the IT world since making it possible for Macintosh and Windows users to subscribe to Office 365. After subscription, new updates are automatically downloaded to your software, plus you can install it to a maximum of five devices. You can even install it in Chromebooks.

By default, Microsoft 365 stores all its data on the cloud; hence teams can use connected devices to collaborate, share, and access data, which makes work easier. Office 365 is a combination of a number of key applications that users cannot do without.

Applications of Microsoft 365

One Drive

One Drive provides a central location for users to store their data. From this central location, users can collaborate and files while at different locations.

PowerPoint, Word, and Excel

These three applications allow you to make presentations, work on your spreadsheets with ease, and make comprehensive documents.


Keeps you up to date with contacts, emails, and calendar from one place. Note that everybody can create an Outlook account for free.


This digital notebook allows you to plan yourself beforehand. Future events, appointments, and tasks are stored and synchronized to all your devices.


This application provides your staff with a private network where they can manage and share information.

Microsoft Teams

It provides a platform for staff to communicate. They can host meetings, web conferences, and calls with ease.

Who Can Use Microsoft 365?

Due to its adaptability, Microsoft 365 has gained a huge subscriber base over time. Having the most sought-after business core tools, plus the budget-friendly fee, Office 365 may be used by anyone looking forward to having their jobs done professionally.

While it may be suitable for personal use, businesses stand to gain the most. Businesses should particularly take advantage of the subscription fee. With the provision of sharing the application among five people, cost-benefit analysis shows that it would be worth it to subscribe for it.

Also, Microsoft 365 classes can help businesses make the most use of the platform. With hands-on training, employees can understand the technical nitty-gritties, learning all the tool’s features. They’ll, in return, be more productive and motivated. 

We provide impactful and hands-on training to ensure our learners develop real skills and grasp the technicalities’ nitty-gritties. 

Benefits of Microsoft 365

Working From Different Locations

Since Office 365 is cloud-based, your staff can work remotely as long as they have good internet connections. This is especially important for employees who work from different locations, and they’re required to access the company’s information.

Security and Reliability

Microsoft takes full responsibility for ensuring your data is secure. This eliminates costs that would be incurred to purchase servers and salaries for the extra employees involved. Cloud-based storage is perfect for disaster recovery. In cases where devices are lost, data will be readily available as it’s stored in the cloud.

Cloud storage gives the IT team more time to utilize elsewhere instead of worrying about local storage. In addition to that, Office 365 has advanced security features that will ensure your data is safe. Some of the security features include:

  • Data loss prevention policy

This policy allows you to manage sensitive data and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands

  • Email Encryption

This security feature is meant to prevent anyone else apart from the intended recipient from having access to mails.

  • Mobile Phone manager

To safeguard the organization’s data, the IT team can control Office 365 on employee’s mobile devices. As we stated earlier, if a device is misplaced or stolen, the IT team can delete sensitive data.

  • Threat analytics and protection

This advanced security feature evaluates the network for any suspicious activity and informs users. As any data gets into the network, particularly emails, the system scans for suspicious attachments. If threats are detected, no emails get in.

  • Online exchange security

It prevents spam emails from having access to the network.

  • Multi-Factor Authenticity

This provides extra security for sensitive data access. Users may be required to use their mobile phones to prove authorization.

  • Threat Manager

This feature prevents data tampering and unauthorized access to a company’s network.

Subscription-Based Charges

Unlike with the regular MS-office suite, where users pay large upfront amounts, Office 365 allows you to pay low monthly charges for each user. This helps the finance team plan ahead and make adjustments to the company’s budget.

User Collaboration

Many organizations thrive on team spirit. With the collaborative features of Microsoft 365, users can tweak documents to their liking in real-time and from different locations. Real-time editing allows team members to see all changes and adjustments. 

Automatic Updates

Once you subscribe, any future updates will be automatically added to the subscribed Microsoft 365. No notifications are sent like in the regular Microsoft Office suite. You always remain on top of the game with an up to date app!

Working on Familiarity

Organizations find doing away with already adopted programs quite an uphill task, and the fact that new programs require staff training doesn’t make it any easier. With this in mind, Microsoft has made the Office 365 features similar to what most people are familiar with. What has changed on new Microsoft 365 versions is their storage is now wholly on the cloud.This prevents the IT team from training and retraining staff whenever an update is made.

Variety of Plans for Different Users

Another good thing is that Microsoft has ensured that they have different plans for different users to avoid forcing a single plan on users’ throats.

Office 365 has seven plans designed to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, unlike the regular productivity suites that offer only three plans. Again, the fact that not everyone is comfortable with the same features is another reason why Microsoft 365 is designed to consider tastes and preferences of different users.


By knowing its features and benefits, you can easily use Microsoft 365, even if IT isn’t your forte. Hopefully, with this guide, you now have a basic understanding of the platform.