Successful podcast: All you need to know about Podcast Editing services

In the last few days, we’ve received a crazy number of emails regarding podcast editing.

After publishing our article about How to make your home studio, we’ve acknowledged that podcast represent present and future of the entertainment. Podcasts are handy, and when interesting and catchy, can make the difference.

It’s incredible to see how many of you are into podcasts. For this reason, this article is meant to answer one by one a collection of F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) that you, our readers, asked in the last few days.

How to make a podcast? 

Of course, this question is very broad and there’s not a singular answer that perfectly belongs to it. But, overall the main factors that make the difference in terms of quality of a show are: the host, the guest and the format. Be engaging, catchy, find the right interviewee and ask the right questions. Everything else will come by itself!

Tip: consider creating a logo for your Podcast. This will grow your brand and help people remembering you!

What are the best podcast editing services?

Podcast tools

We’ve already briefly discussed this in our article about How to produce your home podcast. There are many Podcast editing services available, one of the most famous is Zencastr. Zencastr allows you to record a show with guests that don’t need to be in the room with you. They could be anywhere in the world and all they need is a good Wifi connection. Zencastr also offers a nice post production service and a very useful soundbar, that, for beginners are a great help.

What are the best podcast editing software? 

editing your podcast

Expert users will find podcast editing services a bit too easy to use. The natural choice at this point goes towards the Adobe Collection, in this case Adobe Audition. We’re talking about a great software, used by a large number of professional podcast makers. Adobe Audition allows you to choose every single detail in all phases of the production, from recording to editing.

How to make an rss feed for a podcast?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) it’s a standardized content distribution method, useful for staying up to date with all your favourite shows. To make them, the easiest way is uploading your show on Soundcloud. This way, it will generate the feed that you can then share to the other providers.

How to make a podcast on iTunes?

All you need is an Apple account. You can register your show here and paste the rss feeds that you’ve obtained following the procedure above. 

How to make a podcast on Spotify?

It is not too different from process to go live on iTunes. All you need is to register on this website and paste the rss feeds. Consider using a Spotify promotion service to grow your audience!

How to make a successful podcast?

A successful show is nothing but a combination of all spoken above. A successful podcast, firstly has to work as a format. Must be engaging and catchy. There must always be something happening, that keeps the show constantly refreshed and surprising. The host has to be peculiar, so the guest! Remember, people make the choice to spend their own precious time listening to your show… you have to pay them back somehow!

How to make money off a podcast?

Making money off a podcast shouldn’t really be the main goal, but something that comes after time and sacrifices. When you believe in yourself, and in your product, whatever it is, nothing can go wrong. But when you start thinking more about fame and fortune, and you chill out because you think you’ve already made it, that’s the time failure comes.

This collection of F.A.Q. was meant to sort out any kind of doubt that you might have had. Some of those answers would suit every kind of podcast producer, some others were more suitable for expert users. What’s important, is that you never really stop researching. If you have no idea of what we spoke about in some of the bullet points above, don’t hesitate to reach out at, we’ll be happy to come back to you anytime soon. Don’t forget, the best show on Earth is there, about to be released, and you might be that fortunate producer! It’s all about courage and effort! Chase is on!