How to make Roadmap Slides and use Roadmap PowerPoint Templates

So, your boss asked you to make roadmap slides and you don’t know where to start? Is it better to use a roadmap PowerPoint template or should you decide the format of your product roadmap slides yourself? After reading this article you will know all the secrets!

What are roadmap slides

A roadmap is a plan that shows the main steps (also known as milestones) needed to reach certain goals, usually over a period of time. As an example, the product roadmap for a car company will have milestones such as: ‘ first hybrid model’ or ‘ first 100% electric car’ etc. 

Typically, all companies have a product roadmap. This is just a document showing how the product will develop over time. New features and versions of the product should be included into the product roadmap.

Road map

The easiest way to show a roadmap is by using PowerPoint (or Google) roadmap slides. This graphically shows the roadmap and makes it easy to analyze progress or delay. All companies should have a roadmap, but this is even more crucial for tech companies. In fact, a technology roadmap indicates which technologies should be developed and when.

The characteristics of a good roadmap slides

A good roadmap slide must be concise and easy to read. Use as little words as possible and add illustrations to represent your concepts. Remember, people should immediately understand your roadmap slides! Personally, I strongly recommend to include Harvey balls to show the progress in your roadmap. If needed, we have an article that will guide you on How to create Harvey Balls PowerPoint.

Example of a good product roadmap


If you are looking for a good example of a product roadmap, you can take a look at Pinterest. On this website you can find many examples of product roadmaps by successful companies. Get inspired by the best!

Should I use a template for my roadmap slides?

As usual, I’m a fan of efficiency. If you’re making slides for your employer, you’re probably not the first one in the company that’s doing it. Search and ask around, your company probably already has a roadmap PowerPoint template. If available, use your company’s template. This will save you time and ensure consistency in the roadmaps styles. Of course, the same applies for your University. If there is a standard template, just use it!

If there is no company template, I would strongly encourage you to choose a template online rather than fully develop your own. Making your own template will take a lot of time and will probably look less good than a professional template.

Roadmap PowerPoint templates

Choose the best roadmap PowerPoint  template

road map template power point

Tip: make sure to select a PowerPoint Font that is appropriate for your slides!

So, your company or University does not offer a template for your roadmap slides? Let’s see how to select the best roadmap PowerPoint template available.

The best website available is OfficeTimeline. It offers countless beautiful templates for roadmap slides, for free! Just browse the options and choose the one that suits you the best. Note that it is not only about aesthetics: functionality is also extremely important. For example, some templates are suitable for long roadmaps and some for shorter ones. 

Before choosing your template, note down the milestones and other text you want to include in the roadmap. This way you can understand if your content fits the template.

Fill-in the roadmap template

This is just copying and pasting the content into the template right? Not really… This is also your chance to personalize your roadmap slide. You can add two or three items from the list below to personalize the roadmap PowerPoint template. Do not add too many of them, or else your roadmap will be overloaded!

  • Your department name and your role in it
  • Your vision for the future in few words
  • A logo of the company
  • A good picture of your product
  • An image representing your future product 
  • A picture of your team

Go for it

These were our tips on how to choose the best product roadmap slides. With these tips, you will make the best roadmaps your boss has ever seen! Do you like our productivity tips? Good, we have many more! Take a look at our productivity section.