Quarantine Quiz

Quarantine Quiz

***Thanks for joining our quarantine quiz, our pub will open soon again***

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Wanna play a Pub Quiz on Saturday, May 23rd? We recommend you to join the Charity quiz from our friends from Tearfund Ireland. Their quiz is organized to rise founds to fight poverty. It will be lots of fun and for a good cause, don’t miss out!

The JobWherever Quarantine Quiz is a free interactive pub quiz. You can play it remotely from your phone while watching the live show on your TV or laptop. In our previous events, over a thousand participants played and had a lot of fun without leaving their house, 100% COVID-19 safe!

Do you want to create your own quarantine quiz to play with your friends? You can do this for free with our guide!

How do I play? It’s simple:

  • You can play the Quarantine Quiz on your phone, laptop or tablet
  • No download, registration or personal data required
  • On this page you will find both access to the quiz and the live stream
  • You can play the quiz AND watch the show or ONLY play the quiz
  • We advise you to use one device (phone tablet or laptop) to play the quiz and a second device to watch the live stream
  • Don’t worry, it’s all FREE. If you want to pay, donate this money to help fighting Corona. For example, you could use the link below to donate to the Hospital of Bergamo, the most affected city in Europe.

What to expect:

  • A great night without leaving your house
  • A great mix of hilarious and more serious questions
  • A live pub quiz master 
  • A live leader-board showing your rank 

Be prepared to have lots of fun!!

SHARE IT, it’s not contagious!