Parental control YouTube

With every new invention comes the realization that it is not without its dangers. As the main social media portal for video content online, YouTube is an easy platform for youngsters who want to keep up with the latest trends, music, and vloggers. More than 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day, and more than 300 hours of video content is uploaded every minute to YouTube. Consumption and creation of the content at YouTube are on the rise. 

With so much online content out on YouTube, parents must find a level of balancing of their children’s content and try to control it. Establishing a safer online environment for kids’ access is one key innovation that YouTube has greatly invested in. The digital era can be educational, fascinating but at the same time very dangerous for our children if we don’t keep an eye on what they access online.

How to setup parental control in YouTube

YouTube is a wonderful online platform that is engaging, interactive, and a learning platform for children. They are a plethora of new content that helps children to pass the time and engage them. Giving children access to YouTube can result in them learning new and wild things that parents might not be prepared for. 

Steps on how to set parental control measures in YouTube

  • First sign in to YouTube
  • By signing into YouTube, this is the first in setting a restricted mode in YouTube. This helps to ensure that a person’s preferences are saved over a duration, and it is easy to customize the profile based on your likings. 
  • After signing go to home page
  • Click on the account icon
  • Turn on the restricted mode access: A pop up will appear at the bottom of the menu bar. Click on the restricted mode section.
  • Verify approval

The pop-up message helps to ensure that the restricted mode has been active fully. It also displays a selected message that shows how to restrict it. 

How to enable restriction YouTube on browsers

While using a browser, restrictive options are not foolproof as some dirty content might still get through from time to time, but it’s a good first line of defense. Setting restrictive options is very easy when using a YouTube app or an account, but since the protection is through the browser level, a parent must turn on every device that child accesses.

  • First access on the browser
  • Sign in to YouTube/google account
  • Click on setting section on the left sidebar
  • Click on the restricted mode on at the bottom section
  • Select on to enable restricted mode on this browser
  • Click save
  • Do this to all the browsers on the device. 

How to enable restriction YouTube On phones and tablets

Enabling the restriction of access to YouTube in both the browser and YouTube app in a phone and tablet is essential in enhancing restrictive measures to children. Many children are very conversant with using the YouTube app. 

Below is a procedure to restrict YouTube in phone and tables:

  • Clock on the account section
  • Tap on the setting tab
  • Then click on the restricted mode section to enable filtering
  • Turn the restricted mode on
  1. Android device
  • Log in to the YouTube/google account
  • Clock on the settings section
  • Select general settings
  • Turn restricted mode ON

Enable restrictions on YouTube app

YouTube kids’ app is one of the innovative ways that google has enhanced filtering of obscene content for children. This app has enhanced stricter controls on smart devices. A parent can install this app on a device. The app is completely different since it is embedded with a kid-friendly interface that enables parents to give an opportunity to view the channels and the client that children have viewed. It is purely designed to ensure that the kids operate in a safe online environment. The app enables parents to adjust the age limit to allow older kids to view content that is more helpful and informative as compared to when they were younger. 

The app has parent control features that enable parents to purely customize their kid’s individual experience. 

To set the parent control:

  • Create individual account for your kid
  • First sign in as parent
  • Create a customized profile of a child. One can create up to eight profiles for different children. 
  • Enable content level selections 
  • Select approved content only mode.

This app allows parents to select content levels based on the age of the child i.e. preschool mode, younger mode and older mode. Lastly, parents can also limit screen time access by setting how long kids can watch videos on YouTube. 

Additional Tips About YouTube Parental Controls

  1. Lock Restricted Mode
  2. Turn on Google Safe Search
  3. Use Content Filtering App Like Kidsafe Tube
  4. Install a “net nanny” router or device

By enabling these features on your child’s YouTube app, you can keep your children away from potentially mature videos. While YouTube’s Restricted Mode helps you filter content that seems inappropriate for your children, there is no way you can rely on it completely.


In conclusion, YouTube parental control offers a much-needed feature in a world where kids live their lives online. This allows a parent to feel like they have some control over their children while letting them feel independent. Suppose you are worried that your child might come across dirty content through YouTube or other online streaming sites. In that case, there is a need to consider a dedicated parental control feature software like a secure teen. This will enable appropriate filters and block certain sites and apps, and even set the time watch. Having parental control software works in handy since, as a parent, you won’t worry about your child sneaking their phones or tablets to watch dirty content.