Is OneNote free? How to use OneNote Online and Download it for Free

OneNote is the note-taking software offered by Microsoft. Although it has been around since 2003, it only became a mainstream software later in time. Thanks to its advanced functionalities and integration with other Microsoft products, OneNote has become one of the leading note taking Software available. In this article I will explain which versions of OneNote are free and how to download One Note and use it online from your favourite browser.

Is OneNote free for PC and Macintosh?

Price is obviously a very important factor when deciding which note-taking software to use. Note taking software like OneNote are usually quite simple, so they are normally either free or very cheap. Fortunately, this is also the case for OneNote. 

Let´s now answer your main question: is OneNote free? 

The answer to this question is that there is a free version of Microsoft OneNote, but also a paid one

Get OneNote on your PC and Macintosh for free

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Is the OneNote also free for Android and iOS powered devices? 

What I just explained above is also applicable to mobile devices. Microsoft offers a free version and paid version of OneNote both for iOS and Android devices. The free version for mobile devices can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store. For what concerns the paid version, the same subscription can be used for PC and mobile devices. So if you have a paid subscription for your PC, you can also use the paid version of OneNote on your mobile device.

Let’s now take a look at the differences between the two versions of OneNote and how to download them.

DIfferences between the paid and free versions of Microsoft OneNote

Of course, the basic version of OneNote offers limited functionalities when compared to the paid version. However, the free version of OneNote already offers all the functionalities that basic and intermediate users need. If you’ve never used OneNote before, I recommend to use the OneNote free version and to only buy the paid version if you notice that you would like some extra functionalities.

Is (the pro version of) OneNote part of Microsoft 365 plan?

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Yes, the complete version of Microsoft OneNote is included in the Microsoft 365 plan! This means that if you have Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint installed on your PC, you probably already have the full version of OneNote installed on your PC! If this is the case, just search OneNote in the Windows search bar to find it. 

How to download Microsoft OneNote for free on PC and Macintosh

Go go and click ¨Free download ¨ to Download Microsoft OneNote for free on your PC and Macintosh.

How to access Microsoft OneNote online if you do not want to install the app

No worries, if you do not want to install the OneNote app, you can access OneNote online directly from your browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc.). To do this, just go to, select sign-in and long in with your Microsoft Account. In case you do not have a Microsoft account, you can create one for free by following this guide.

OneNote Sign in


OneNote is a great software that you can use to take notes for your work or studies. My favorite feature of OneNote is that it is fully integrated with the other Microsoft Office products. Take a look at our software and productivity section to get the latest tips and tricks about Microsoft products.