Is Adobe Acrobat Free? PDF Reader and DC Pack Price

It happened to all of us. Every Time we’d buy a new laptop Adobe Acrobat was already there and now we all are thinking “Is Adobe Acrobat Free?”.

Well, that’s a really good question and for that reason we’re going to give you a really good answer.

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Is Adobe Acrobat Free?

Yes, Adobe Acrobat is a free software and can be downloaded here. Simple, right? I know. However, if you’re looking for more functionalities, such as a PDF editor, you must know that you can also find a paid version of the software that will offer all the features you’ll need.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Pack

Is a software that allows you to edit PDF files. Why is that great? Obviously, because it allows you to save a lot of time! In fact you won’t have to retype anything anymore! Simply open your PDF file and apply all changes needed as it would be a common text document.

Easy right? This powerful tool can be purchased online for US$119.88/yr and will sort out all your issues. 

Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is a special version of Acrobat that allows you to process PDFs in a very professional way. The functionalities of Adobe Acrobat DC are uncountable, and the software is very straight forward.

You must know that Adobe offers two versions of Adobe Acrobat DC. Both of them are great and you should consider purchasing the right one, according to your needs.

Obviously, the Standard version is more basic and the Pro version gives you a couple of extra features that all professionals will love. Let’s now go through them in detail.

Acrobat Standard DC

Acrobat Standard DC is a special version of Adobe Acrobat that allows you to edit PDFs, fill sign and send forms, share PDFs for viewing and a lot more.

Acrobat Standard DC is a very useful tool and it requires annual commitment. That means that you have to purchase the software for at least a year. Obviously, you can also decide to get it billed monthly, which is a good opportunity, but obviously less convenient than paying the full price once a year.

Acrobat DC Standard subscription costs US$156 billed annually or US$23 billed monthly for a year. If you want to do the math, you’ll notice that getting the subscription billed yearly is very convenient so, if you can afford it, we’d warmly recommend you to purchase that one.

Click here to purchase Acrobat Standard DC!

Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat Pro DC is another version of Adobe Acrobat DC, very similar to the Standard one, but with a couple of interesting extra features. Specifically, it allows you to compare two versions of a PDF, so you can review all differences. It also gives you the opportunity to turn scanned documents into editable and searchable PDFs.

Acrobat Pro DC is an incredible tool that many professionals would find incredibly useful.

You can purchase an Acrobat DC Pro subscription for US$180 billed annually or US$25 billed monthly. As usual, we’d recommend you to purchase the annual subscription if possible, as it is a lot more convenient. Click here to purchase Acrobat Pro DC!

If you’re not sold yet, you should probably consider testing this software first. In fact, Adobe gives you the great chance to use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for free, for a full week.

You can use this link to get the Acrobat Pro DC 7 days Free Trial and take advantage of all the great features for free!


If you were wondering “Is Adobe Acrobat free?”, the answer is yes! And can download it simply by clicking the link on top of the page.

If you’re looking for more options to edit PDFs, share them with colleagues or compare two versions of the same document, we’ve just shown to you a few options.

Obviously, on a professional level you should consider purchasing Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, but different options are there and you’re free to pick the one that’d best suit your needs.

All Adobe Products are well developed and work incredibly good. So, when you approach any products with their own logo you should just be aware of their top quality.If you want to learn more about Adobe’s products, we have a few  guides available for you. In particular, find out more about Adobe Photoshop and discover all the deals available for Adobe Premiere Pro!