Install Microsoft Publisher on your Mac  

Microsoft Publisher for Mac is a very useful tool for designing texts, photos, calendars, and more  in a professional way. Microsoft Publisher for Mac allows you to give intriguing styles to your  texts and pictures with borders and multiple colors, and these designs will remain the same  wherever you print it or send it through email. 

Microsoft Publisher for Mac helps the users ranging from creating the designs to publishing them.  You can create a wide variety of things with Publisher market-oriented tools, such as creating  greeting cards or professional newsletters that are made easy on MS Publisher. You can choose from  pre-designed templates that could enhance your design capabilities. 

As the name suggests, publishing is much easier with MS Publisher. You can take pixel-perfect  printouts; publish them through high-quality email; or publish with non-editable formats that are  according to industry standards.  

How to Run Microsoft Publisher on a Mac?  

Microsoft does not build any MS Publisher for Mac users. However, you can still install and run Publisher by different methods. Some of them will be discussed next. 

Download Parallels to Run Microsoft Publisher on a Mac  

You can run Microsoft Publisher for Mac by downloading and installing the virtual machine that  is Parallels Desktop. Parallels allows you to run any Windows app that is not available for Mac.  All you need is to purchase a Parallels subscription, and all Windows apps are set to run on your  Mac. Though, you need to purchase Office 365 as well. 

Run Microsoft Publisher for Mac using Boot Camp  

All the updated versions of macOS come with Boot Camp. This is the facility Mac users can benefit  from by switching between Mac and Windowssimultaneously. After establishing Boot Camp, you  need to download Windows and enjoy all the apps that are compatible with PC only.  

Download VMware Fusion to Run Microsoft Publisher on a Mac  

You can run Microsoft Publisher for Mac by downloading a VMware virtual machine. It is quite easy  to do. VMware Fusion runs OS X and Windows simultaneously without any lagging. After  configuring VMware Fusion on a Mac, you need to download and install the latest version of the  Microsoft Publisher app or complete Office suite

In all the cases of virtual machines, you need a Windows key to download and install the latest  version of Windows. Moreover, Office 365 key is also needed to run Microsoft Publisher on a  Mac.