How to Use Parental Controls on Your Kid’s iPhone

Technology has progressed relatively well, that mobile phones have been equipped with powerful and incredible security features. Every kid possesses an Apple device these days, becoming so dependent on their iPhone devices.  As the iPhone becomes more and more ubiquitous in children’s hands, setting parental control measures is becoming a necessity across the globe. When it comes to managing and keeping children safe, technology is a key essential consideration. Protecting children is a critical priority for Apple users. Apple manufacturers strive for transparency and give parents control of their information to determine what is best for their children. Exposure of children to an online threat like buries, sexting, and pedophilia can make them be emotionally, socially ad physically disturbed, and detached.  

 iPhone parental control offers parents features that are intuitive and customizable. iPhones are addictive and are sometimes marketed for kids due to their unique features and ease of use. Apple has developed an innovative way that parents can incorporate to set restrictive and control measures for their children. Most of these parental control measures fall under the screen time that allows parents to restrict access to some apps and content while still giving children access to critical functions of the phones. In this article, I will highlight how to set parental control measures on the iPhone

Best Parental Controls Feature on iPhone

Apple Family Sharing

Many parental control measures can be set on an iPhone device. Apple family sharing account is one of the easiest ways parents and guardians can implement to set restrictive and parental control on iPhone. Parents can control what their children purchase, storage, locations, history, etc. This is one of the best ways to set an iPhone parental control app. It makes it easy to add up to six children within the family sharing account

How to set family sharing account

Setting this feature is relatively easy for many. 

  • First, one should go to the setting app on the iPhone primary parent device and then tap on Apple ID. It will then promote the family sharing module and click on get started. It will then showcase how to select apps and features shared across the family iCloud account. 
  • A parent can control iTunes, music, iCloud storage, location, and screen time.
  • To add a child, enter the Apple ID and the password. One can also create a child account later.

Screen Time

Screen time parental control on iPhone features lets parents know how much time their children are using the devices. Parents need to track and monitor their children’s actions and time usage on iPhones. 

  • After adding a child to the family sharing, parents can manage, control, and set the screen time limits that their children can spend on the iPhone device. 
  • One should head to settings > screen time and then set the time limit on the phone usage. 

By setting the downtime, app limits to restrict privacy, parents can get a weekly report that details how long their child has used an iPhone daily and how many hours they spent on each specific app.

Disabling Certain Apps and Purchase of Apps

Apple manufacturing has provided the capability of setting privacy control mechanisms in an iPhone by disabling certain applications. This makes it easy for parents to set an iPhone parental control app on their child’s devices. 

One should click on the content and privacy restrictions sections at the top section of the iPhone. There is a section on Allowed apps. This section allows parents to set and toggle certain apps they don’t want their children to access. 

In the app store purchase section, it is also possible to prevent your kids from installing or deleting any app without your authority.

Content restriction

This section allows parents to restrict and control the children from purchasing related shows, movies, songs, etc. It also restricts the content rating of music, movies, apps, and books. 

This can be done by checking below the allowed section, clicking on the content restriction section. 

  • Go to the setting section, then select screen time. 
  • Click on the content and privacy restriction sections > select content restrictions.
  • Then select the settings that you want to select for each feature.

Privacy settings

In these sections, parents have access to their children’s devices over which apps they have access to, the information stored in the device, and the features of the phones. 

  • To set this parental control on iPhone mode:
  • Go to settings > Screen time > Click on content and privacy restrictions and then enter password
  • Tap at privacy > choose the setting to restrict

In this parent control feature on the iPhone, one can restrict location, contact, photos, music, Bluetooth sharing, etc.

Restrict Game Center

To enable privacy access at the game center section, parents should:

  • Click on setting > screen time
  • Then should then click on content and privacy then > content restrictions
  • Then click on game center and select settings
  • This section allows parents to restrict private messaging
  • Privacy changes, games, adding friends, recording on the screen, etc.


In conclusion, the app frequently and routinely releases software updates of iPhone devices. It is thus recommended that parents should frequently initiate and review updates on the applicable terms of Apple. Due to new innovative solutions being availed, nowadays, kids are developing new skills that they can use to bypass these parental control measures. It is thus recommended that parents frequently check their children’s devices and at the same time develop a good relationship with their children and instill a culture of responsibility in them.