How to Use OneNote on a Mac 

OneNote is a very useful tool for note-taking and keeping them in one place. Microsoft OneNote  for Mac allows users to keep their notes, research work, plans, and other information related to  school, office, or home in one place throughout their life.  

This digital note-keeping platform has made life easier as it has a well-integrated user interface  that ensures the availability of the most important features a person needs when taking notes.  Therefore, you should add the OneNote app for Mac for its numerous benefits.  

Sometimes, your friend asks for the notes you have taken, and you have to take pictures before  sending them. But, OneNote is one step ahead and made it easier to share and print the notes  with one click. All you need is to subscribe to Office 365 and enjoy the powerful, daily use tools  Microsoft Office provides you.  

How to Use OneNote on Mac? 

OneNote is easy to use. OneNote for Mac has all the necessary features needed to take notes.  First of all, you have to sign in to your account with Microsoft Office credentials. You need a  registered email with Office 365. After signing in go to the Finder in your Mac and type OneNote  App.  

1. Note-Taking on OneNote for Mac 

First of all, you have the liberty to create a single notebook for all the projects or create separate  notebooks for different projects. You can create a notebook by Ctrl+Cmd+N keys or File>New  Notebook. 

OneNote allows you to write in any place of the page simply by clicking anywhere on the page, which is the essence of the handwritten note-taking practice. 

Furthermore, OneNote for Mac allows you to move an entire text or a line to another location  on the page by selecting the whole text or a line until the text container comes and then dragging  it to a new location. 

You can link various similar sections and pages to each other by right-clicking on any page,  section, or notebook to copy its link. Select any text and click on Insert>Link. Then paste the link  in the dialog box.  

Key Features of OneNote for Mac 

• You can bookmark the text with a Question, To Do, Definition, or a Remember for Later  tag. 

• In OneNote for Mac, you can name pages and search is also available.  

• Navigation Layout allows you to view the order of the notebook and switch between  sections, pages, even notebooks.