How to Use Microsoft Office on a Mac?

Microsoft Office for Mac? Yeah, it is true. There is a unique MS Office written only for Macintosh (Office 365 for Mac). And Microsoft claims to add new features for the Mac version of MS Office  right before adding those to the Windows version. It’s good news, though! 

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Microsoft Office is a full suite package containing robust desktop apps, such as Word,  Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. A new study by Microsoft reveals 77% of Mac users in  the United States run Microsoft Office. So, why don’t you? Become a Microsoft user by clicking  the link.  

Also, the study reflects there is a surge in Mac’s users for MS Office, indicating Microsoft could  raise its price packages in a few months, knowing the ever-increasing demand for Microsoft Office for Mac. So, there is an opportunity to Install Microsoft Office for Mac as soon as possible  to become a daily user that could lead you to enjoy cheap packages for a time being. 

Benefits of Microsoft Office  

Microsoft Office is globally popular software that comes with everything that may help students,  businesses, and professionals to grow. MS Office has a lot of benefits, some are discussed below: 

Easy to Use 

You can use Microsoft Office with all its features to nearly achieve any goal of yours. For  instance, Microsoft Word for Mac can help you create thousands of documents that you won’t be able to handwrite with proper margins, spaces, fonts, writing styles, and so on.  Similarly, you can work instantly using various commands with the help of Microsoft Excel  for Mac.  

Universal Software 

Microsoft Office is a universal software that has nearly 2.1 billion users worldwide. Almost  every document is required in Microsoft Word format. So, Microsoft Word for Mac would  be a useful tool for your machine.  

Subscription Offers 

You can now get Microsoft Editor, Premium Templates, Money in Excel, and PowerPoint  Designer after subscribing to Microsoft Office for Mac. Microsoft Office for Mac works  seamlessly. For instance, you can manage all your financial accounts in Microsoft Excel  simply by connecting to it.  

Access Anywhere, Anytime  

MS Office is a versatile software that enables you to log into it anywhere, anytime. You  can write your documents on Microsoft Word for Mac, design slides using Microsoft  Powerpoint for Mac, or enter data using Microsoft Excel for Mac, almost everywhere in  the world within a few clicks. 


Microsoft Office, as the name implies, has all the apps that may be used in a classic office. You will get the following after installing Microsoft Office for Mac: 

• Microsoft Word for Mac 

• Microsoft Excel for Mac 

• Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 

• Microsoft Outlook for Mac 

• Microsoft OneNote for Mac 

• Microsoft OneDrive for Mac  

All these apps work properly on a Mac. If you need some software to write, present your  ideas, or manage your accounts, you can get this in one suite, that is Microsoft Office. This turns out MS Office is a multipurpose software, allowing various services to its users


Due to the rise of internet services, cyberattacks have become common. Cyberattack is  the only threat that leads us to decide whether to use multipurpose software or not.  Microsoft claims to protect you from any attack through its ransomware detection and recovery protocols. They have all protected in their encrypted servers to highly protect  your data. Microsoft cloud services are popular for their safety and many reputed  businesses believe in them.  

Why do I need Microsoft Office for Mac?  

All these benefits make Microsoft Office an exceptional software. MS Office allows its users to  complete a task of hours in minutes with easy-to-use and most needed features.  

You can enjoy multiple features of versatile apps in the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Office is  universal software, its usage is widely enforced by well-reputed businesses as well as educational  institutes. Knowing its compatibility and connectivity to all the world demand, you need to install  Microsoft Office on your macOS. Surely, it would be a great addition to your Mac machine.  

Office Vs. Office 365 on Mac  

Office 365 for Mac comes with regular updates, so you will always have an improved version. You  can access MS Word, MS Excel, or MS PowerPoint from any device using Office 365. Subscribing to Office 365 for Mac can deliver you quality service containing a wide variety of products. Office  365 also comes with AI features and Cloud services that ensure you are getting the best. Office  365 for Mac also comes with OneDrive 1TB space. So, you can pick up stored files anywhere,  anytime, wherever you left off. 

On the flip side, simple Office has no feature updates. However, Microsoft ensures its users  should have up-to-date software, so Office gets security updates only. The major difference is  you have to buy Office once while Office 365 needs to be subscribed monthly or annually.  Further, you need to buy the newer version of Microsoft Office for Mac whenever Microsoft  launches an updated version.  

Purchasing MS Office for Mac  

You can purchase MS Office with the easy steps described in the link. You can buy Office full suite  that is Office 365, or single software that is Office 2021 succession of Office 2019. The details are  given below: 

Full Suite 

Office 365 for Mac enables its users to easily access it anywhere and anytime. You will have new  features for Office 365 on a regular basis. Also, Office 365 comes with Cloud storage that allows  you to collaborate with other people. Microsoft Office Full Suite comes with two payment  options: monthly or annual subscription. If you save money then annual payments may work best  for you! 

You can subscribe to Office 365 for Mac for $99.99/year (Family Package). However, the Premium  Business package comes for $20/per month. There are a lot of other packages available.  

Single Software 

Office single software comes with a single payment only with no feature updates at all. Still, you  are getting full access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. But if you want updates, then  you will have to purchase a newer version at full price.  

You can purchase MS Office single software with no features updates for the future for $149.99 for the Home Package, while the Business Package costs $249.99. 

How to download MS Office for Mac?  

You can go to the Microsoft website and choose between Microsoft Office 2021  for Mac, or Office 365 for Mac from the top toolbar options. You can go to the link to know more:  Microsoft Office for Mac Download 

You have to sign in to the account associated with your version of Microsoft Office for Mac. Go  to the Office home page and select ‘install office’.  

How to Install MS Office on Mac?  

Ensure that you have downloaded the file. Double click on the .iso file. You will be on the mac  installer window. Click on the office installer package and then continue. Agree to the Software  Agreement License and click Install. You will get a “You are all set!” notification after the  Microsoft Office for Mac will be installed.  

Now, you are all set to use Microsoft Word for Mac or manage financial accounts on Microsoft  Excel for Mac. And to use other apps as well! 

MS Word for Mac  

Microsoft Word for Mac is an exceptional, popular, and futuristic tool to write, design, proofread,  or edit your documents. You can transform your document in less time along with worldwide  collaborations using MS Word. New features allow you to insert 3D models directly into your  book reports, or research papers. Indeed, Microsoft Word for Mac works best on macOS. It’s fast  and reliable. 

MS Excel for Mac  

Microsoft Excel for Mac allows you to manage your data by learning from your patterns. Now,  you can easily create spreadsheets and apply modern formulas to do calculations on Microsoft 

Excel for Mac. Also, you get various charts to better study your data on MS Excel. Microsoft Excel  can manage your financial accounts. It is easy to use.  

MS PowerPoint for Mac  

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac comes with AI Designer and Ideas options that allow you to  present your information in a more appealing and impactful way. 3D animations have never been  easy. Now, you can insert 3D objects and animations in slides using Microsoft PowerPoint for  Mac. The more futuristic feature allows your children to make shapes with hand on slides that  will be perfect after AI will read those. You get a Presenter Coach in MS PowerPoint that can help  you prepare for presentations.


Microsoft Office for Mac is easy to install and use on macOS. You can enter into a different realm  using MS Office, where you have all the options available to make a difference. Microsoft Office  for Mac download step is easy, as described above. You can prove yourself a good writer using  Microsoft Word for Mac. You can prove yourself as the best accountant using the advanced  features of Microsoft Excel for Mac. Or you can become an exceptional presenter using MS  PowerPoint for Mac.