How to use a CV Creator to make the Perfect CV

Making the perfect CV is crucial during the process of finding a job and a CV creator can be really useful… only if you know how to use it!

Did you know that using a CV generator incorrectly could be very counterproductive? After reading this article you will know how to properly take advantage of a CV maker to successfully find the job of your dreams. 

What is a CV? and a Resume?

CV and resume are two different ways of saying the same thing: a schematic document showing your experience and education used to apply for jobs. When applying for a job you will be asked to send your resume and motivation letter. Your future employer will decide to invite you to a first interview depending on these documents. Mistakes in your letter and resume will block your application process even before getting the chance to talk face to face.

What should be in your CV

Perfect resume

Before using a CV creator, you need to know what needs to be in your resume. A resume should include your education, work experience and skills. In some countries you are required to add a picture and in some countries you must NOT include a picture. Make sure to read our guide to do the right choice for your CV photo. The best length for a CV is one page, but up to two pages is still OK. Do you think you cannot fit your CV in two pages? Well, you are wrong! If CEOs can fit theirs in one page, I am sure you can adjust yours to make it shorter than two pages… unless you have more than double the experience and education of a CEO…

If you want, you can count the words on your CV by following our guide.

You can find good templates of CVs on Read a couple of good examples of CVs from someone with a profile similar to yours to get an idea of how a good CV looks like.

Why to use a CV Creator and how

There are two fundamental things required for a CV, good content and good layout. A CV creator (also known as CV generator, builder or maker) can help you with the latter, but you still need to have the content in a good shape to fill in the creator!

Prepare the content for your CV

The first step of using a CV builder is to prepare the content that you will put in the generator. To do so, use a good CV example (previously downloaded in this article) as a guideline and write down the following about yourself:

  1. A list of your work experience and education
  2. The location and timeline of your studies and work experience
  3. A short description of each of your experiences 
  4. A few bullet points of the main tasks and responsibilities in your previous jobs

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The best free CV maker 

There are many options for an online CV maker but, in my opinion, nothing beats the good old Microsoft Word! Yes, you understood correctly, you can use Microsoft Word as your free CV maker

You can find many nice Word Templates for your CV and filling-in a word template is even easier than using a traditional CV creator! 

No worries if you do not have Microsoft Word installed, you can use Google Doc for free on your browser, instead! Isn’t it great??

How to use Word as a CV Creator

  1. Open the Word templates list
CV templates
  1. Select the layout you like the most and click Download
  2. If you have Word installed, then open the template and fill it in with your work experience and education
  3. If you do not have Word installed, do the following:
    1. open Google Docs and select FileOpen 
    2. Click Upload and then Select a file from your device 
    3. Select the template you just downloaded to open it in google sheets
    4. Fill it in with your work experience and education
Word CV templates

Finalize your CV

Congratulations, you used Word as a free CV generator. You can use these last steps to finalize your CV and maximize your chances of getting a job:

  1. Do a grammar spell check! Employers will reject you straight away if there are typos in your resume
  2. Look for someone you know that has a good career and ask her/him to review your CV
  3. Export your CV as a PDF (both Google Sheets and Word have this functionality for free

These were our tips to use Word as a CV builder to maximize your chances to get a job! Your job hunting is just about to start, but following the procedure above will make the entire process smoother and quicker. Visit Job Wherever for more tips and guidelines, and good luck, the chase of your dream job is on!