How to Uninstall Microsoft Teams once for all

Microsoft Teams is suddenly installed on your laptop. It pops up every time you turn on your laptop. You want to get rid of it but don’t know how to get that done. No worries, you are not the only one! A lot of people are wondering how to uninstall Microsoft Teams. In this article I will teach you all the steps you need to permanently get rid of Microsoft Teams!

Why is Microsoft Teams on my computer?

Before learning how to get rid of Microsoft Teams, it is important to understand why it was on your PC in the first place! Microsoft Teams is the new communication platform offered by Microsoft as part of the Office suite. Before the introduction of MS Teams, Skype for business was Office´s communication platform. 

With the introduction of Teams in 2017, Microsoft started phasing out Skype for business and replacing it with Microsoft Teams. This means that when you (or probably your company) updated Microsoft Office to a newer version, Microsoft Teams was also installed as part of the new Microsoft Office package. 

How to uninstall Microsoft Teams

The steps you need to take to remove Microsoft Teams from a PC are different, depending on whether you are working on a Company laptop or a personal laptop. If you have a company laptop, it might be impossible to just uninstall Microsoft Teams. In that case, the best thing you can do is to learn how to disable Microsoft Teams. But let’s first start with the easy case and learn how to remove Microsoft Teams from a personal laptop

How to get rid of Microsoft Teams on your personal laptop

Removing Microsoft Teams from your personal laptop is very easy. The first step is to search “add or remove programs” in the search bar on the bottom left of your screen and then select “Add or remove programs” as in the screenshot below.

This will open the “Apps and features” menu that you can use to remove Microsoft Teams. The next step is to search for “Microsoft Teams” and click on it (as in screenshot below).

After clicking on it, the “Uninstall” button will appear underneath Microsoft Teams (as in screenshot below). Click on the “Uninstall” Button to start the process of removing Microsoft Teams. This will open a popup informing you that by uninstalling Microsoft Teams the app and all related data will be removed from your PC. Click “Uninstall” in the popup to continue.

This will open another popup (yes, Windows wants to make sure you really want to remove an app before allowing you to uninstall it). Click “Yes” or “Continue” in the popup to uninstall Microsoft Teams. Note that to execute this step you need to have administrator rights! If you are asked to login with administrator rights, it means that you do not have administration rights. Ask your administrator to login to be able to remove Microsoft Teams.

Make sure that Microsoft Teams will not reinstall itself

As I previously said, Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft Office package. If the package is installed for all users of your computer, a program called ¨Teams Machine-Wide Installer¨ might also be installed on your computer. This program will reinstall MS Teams if a user uninstalls it. To make sure that Microsoft Teams will not keep reinstalling itself, you also need to densinstall Teams Machine-Wide Installer. To do this just follow the steps I just explained in the previous chapter, but uninstall Teams Machine-Wide Installer instead of Microsoft Teams

How to uninstall Microsoft Teams on a company laptop 

Let’s get straight to the point. To be able to uninstall Microsoft Teams you need to have administrator rights. If you do not have administrator rights, there is no way you can get rid of Microsoft Teams. The best you can do in this case is to close Microsoft Teams by right clicking on the MS Teams Icon on the bottom right of the screen and click ¨quit Microsoft Teams¨. Make sure to do this every time you switch on your PC and you will never see a Microsoft Teams popup again!

If you have administrator rights, you can follow the instructions to remove Microsoft Teams from your personal PC to get rid of MS Teams. Remember to also uninstall Teams Machine-Wide Installer. Else, Microsoft Teams will reinstall itself!