How to turn on Caps Lock on Chromebook

What? There is no Caps Lock button on Chromebook? Are you wondering if it is possible to turn on Caps Lock on Chromebook? Fortunately, the answer is YES, and it is quite easy to do! Chromebook devices offer pretty much the same functionalities as Windows Devices, this includes Copy Paste, taking screenshots and of course turning on (and off) Caps Lock. Do not worry if you turned on cap locks and forgot how to turn it off, in this article we will also explain how to turn off Caps Lock on Chromebook (spoiler: there are multiple ways to do this).

How to turn on Caps Lock on Chromebook 

A big difference between Windows powered devices and Chromebooks, is that there is no specific Caps Lock button on the keyboard of the latter. For this reason, you will need a combination of keys to turn on Caps Lock on your Chromebook device. The combination of keys you need is the following:

Press ¨alt¨ + Search key simultaneously to turn on Caps Lock on Chromebook

The ¨alt¨ key is located on the bottom left of your keyboard. The search key has the shape of a magnifying glass and can be found on the left of your keyboard.

After doing this, you will see a popup on the bottom right of your screen informing you that Caps Lock was successfully turned on.

How to turn off Caps Lock on Chromebook

There are two ways to turn off Caps Lock on Chromebook. The first and most simple option is to just hit the ¨shift¨ key (located on the left of your keyboard) and the Caps Lock will be off. The other way is to use the same key combination you used to turn on Caps Lock: ¨alt¨ + Search keys. Note that there will be no popup informing you that Caps Lock has been turned off.

Why is turning off Caps Lock different on Chromebook?

The reason for this is that Chromebook is powered by Chrome OS. Chrome OS is an operating system, just like Microsoft Windows, iOS or Android. Every operating system has different functions and shortcuts, so it is normal that devices powered by different operating systems will require different steps to turn Caps Lock on and off.

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More shortcuts for Chromebook 

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