How to Share a Spotify Playlist

We all have a friend who is very into music and knows better than us what kind of songs we love to listen to. Well, we’re coming to the rescue! This guide is meant to show you how to share a Spotify playlist with all your friends.

We’ve already seen how to create a playlist on Spotify. Now, one of the greatest Spotify features is the opportunity to share your own playlists with your friends. Let’s assume that one of your friends has great music tastes. He could very easily share his music with you, so you will get to enjoy the same music. Unbelievable, right?

Let’s see how to share a Spotify playlist!

Share Spotify Playlist

You must know that the process to share a playlist on Spotify is different, whether you share it from a desktop or a mobile device. Let’s go through both procedures now.

Share Spotify Playlist: Desktop

All you have to do is right-click the name of the playlist you’re willing to share. You’ll find all your playlists in the left panel of the app.

Then, click Share. At this point, you’ll be able to share the playlist on social networks, to embed it on a website, or to copy the link of the playlist. This last option, Copy Playlist Link, is the one that you want to select, so you can send the link of your playlist to all your friends. All you need to do now is pasting that link in a chat or send it by email.

Share Spotify Playlist: Mobile and Tablet

Sharing a Spotify playlist on mobile is very easy.

First of all, go to Your Library. Then tap-and-hold the playlist you want to share.

At this point, just tap Share.

You’ll be able to share the playlist on your social networks or to copy the link that you’ll share with your friends, then. Just click Copy Link.

At this point, you’re finally ready to share the link with your friends, simply pasting it into chats or emails.


We’ve just seen how to share a Spotify playlist. Sharing playlists with your friends is a great method to discover new music and to have fun creating playlists that other people would enjoy.

This is only one of the greatest features offered by Spotify. If you’re not very familiar with Spotify and you want to find out more about it, you should probably check out our guide and find out: Is Spotify Free? Is Spotify Premium worth it? Spotify Premium Deals.

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