How to Screenshot on Chromebook

A Chromebook is a great alternative to a standard Windows laptop. As a Chromebook is powered by a Chrome Operating system, some basic functions such as taking a screenshot work differently compared to a Windows laptop.

In this article I will explain how to screenshot on Chromebook laptops.

How to screenshot on Chromebook

Taking a screenshot is a very simple action when using a device powered by any operating system. However, every operating system has a different keyboard command (and apps) that you can use to take a screenshot. Let’s take a look at the different ways to take a screenshot with a Chromebook device.

How to screenshot on Chromebook using keyboard commands

Most Chromebook laptops have two designed keyboard commands to take screenshots. One command is to take a screenshot of the full screen, the other one will allow you to select a specific part of the screen to capture. 

To take a screenshot of the full screen on Chromebook, push and hold ¨ctrl¨ + ¨show windows¨ keys. The picture below shows the combination of keys you need to push and hold to take a screenshot in Chromebook.

Screenshot combination Chromebook

By doing this, you will take a screenshot of the full screen of your Chromebook. The screenshot will be automatically saved to your ¨Downloads¨ folder. After taking a screenshot, the popup shown below will appear on the bottom side of your screen. You can copy the screenshot to the clipboard by clicking ¨COPY TO CLIPBOARD¨. 

To take a screenshot of only a part of the screen, push and hold ¨ctr¨ + ¨alt¨+ ¨show windows¨ keys. The screenshot below shows the combination of keys you need to take a screenshot of a part of the screen on Chromebook.

This screenshot Chromebook function is very similar to the well known Snipping Tool function offered by Windows. After using the ¨ctr¨ + ¨alt¨+ ¨show windows¨ key command, your screen will become darker and a target will appear. 

Left click, hold and select the area you want to take a screenshot of. The screenshot below shows an example of how to screenshot on Chromebook.

As in the case of taking a screenshot of the full screen, you will get a popup on the bottom right of the page. From there you can choose to save the screenshot to the clipboard. If you do so, you will be able to paste the screenshot anywhere by just clicking ¨ctrl¨ + ¨v¨.

Snipping tool for Chromebook

Snipping Tool is a well known Windows app to take screenshots and modify them. This app offers a great function to crop, turn and draw on your screenshots. The standard screenshot Chromebook app does not offer this option. This makes many people ask: can I use Microsoft´s Snipping Tool on a Chromebook device? Unfortunately the answer to this question is NO.

Chromebook is powered by the Chrome operating system, not Microsoft Windows. As Snipping tool is currently only available for Windows powered devices, you cannot use Snipping Tool on Chromebook. This is also valid for all Android and iOS devices. 

How to edit a screenshot you took with Chromebook

When taking a screenshot, you might want to take notes or sketch on your screenshot. This can be really useful, for example when taking screenshots to write work instructions (like I did in this article). Unfortunately Snipping Tool is not available for Chromebook and the default Chromebook screenshot does not allow you to edit your screenshot.

How can you modify a screenshot you took with your Chromebook device?

There are basically two approaches to do this, Either you install an alternative app to take screenshots or you use the default screenshot app and use a separate app to modify the image afterwards. 

Edit a screenshot after you took it 

Apps for a Chromebook device can be downloaded from Google Play store. This is the same store where you download apps for your Android mobile device. Google Play store offers many different apps to modify and process your pictures for free. I tested quite some of them and I would recommend using iMarkup to modify a screenshot you took with your Chromebook device.

The reason why I really like iMarkup is that it is really simple to use and offers the essential functionalities to modify your screenshot for free. The main functions that iMarkup offers are:

  • Adding text
  • Crop the screenshot 
  • Add stickers
  • Draw on the screenshot
  • Add spotlights in the picture 

The list of functions might sound a bit limited when compared to other image processing software. However, you do not really need advanced processing to edit a screenshot. Using a more advanced software will just add functionalities you do not need and add complexity.

Note that the interface of iMarkup might look a bit strange on a Chromebook device. The reason for this is that apps on the Google Play store are optimized for mobile devices, not for Chromebook. Fortunately, this does not reduce the functionality of the app.

Alternative apps to take screenshots on Chromebook

There are many good apps to take screenshots on the Play Store. However, most apps are so optimized for mobile devices that they do not really function well on Chromebook. We tested many snipping tool apps for Chromebook and we could not find any of them working well enough on Chromebook to recommend it. 

Conclusion on how to screenshot on Chromebook

This was our guide on how to screenshot on Chromebook. You now know how to take a screenshot on Chrome and how to modify it. Are you looking for a new laptop for a good price? Take a look at our article to discover the best laptops for a good price!