How to Screenshot on a Mac in 2021

Sometimes, when I’m in front of my Mac, I wish I could show my screen to someone else. This happens at work, when something crucial is going on and I need people to check it out. This also happens at home, when I’m visiting a cool website and I would love to share the screen with my best friend. The best way to share your screen on Mac is to take a screenshot and share it with whoever you want. In this guide I will show you how to take a screenshot on Mac!

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Introduction
  • How to Screenshot on Mac: Full Screen
  • How to Screenshot on Mac: Part of Screen
  • How to Screenshot on Mac: Capture a Window
  • Find Screenshots on Mac
  • Conclusion


As we mentioned above, there’s always a good reason to take screenshots and, let me tell you, once you learn it, you’ll never stop.

Taking screenshots is incredibly handy and allows you to quickly share information without having to copy/paste or re-type.

Screenshots are just a quick way to show people what’s going on on your screen. No effort, straight to the point!

When it comes to taking screenshots on a Mac, there’s a few options available. One option is to snap the whole screen and share it with your friends and colleagues. Another option is to take a snap of a part of your screen or a window.

The two options will be described below, so you’ll be able to learn how to screenshot on a Mac.

How to Screenshot on Mac: Full Screen

If you’re looking for a good way to take a screenshot of your full screen on Mac, don’t you worry. The procedure is very easy, you only need to remember a combination of keys on your keyboard.

To take a full screen snap, press and hold these three buttons: Shift, Command and 3.

This combination of keys will allow you to take an identical photo of your screen, so you can send it to your friends or colleagues.

How to Screenshot on Mac: Portion of Screen

Obviously, there’s also a way to only take a snap of a part of your screen. In fact, it can sometimes happen that you only want to share a small part of your screen. In this case, the procedure is not much different from the one we just presented above. 

To take a snap of a part of the screen, hit and hold: Shift, Command and 4. A crosshair will appear on screen. Drag the crosshair around to select the area that you want to screenshot.

And it’s done! The screenshot of that specific part of your Mac is ready to be shared or included in your document.

How to Screenshot on Mac: Capture a Window

Another great opportunity offered by Mac is to capture a window on your screen. This can be very handy, as it allows you to snap a part of the screen without the need of dragging around the crosshair.

So, if you want to snap a window on your screen, make sure to hit this combination of keys: Shift, Command, 4 and Space bar. After doing so, the pointer will look like a small camera. Click the window you want to capture and you’re done. The screenshot of your window is ready to go!

Find Screenshots on Mac

Ok, you’ve just taken a few screenshots and now you can’t figure out where to find them. You’re not the only one! It happens to everyone!

Finding screenshots on Mac is very easy. First of all, you must know that everytime you take a screenshot on a Mac, you’ll see a small thumbnail appearing in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Click the thumbnail to edit it, share it or save it on your computer.

Sometimes, that thumbnail might disappear too quickly for you to click it. Or sometimes, you just don’t need it immediately.

If you’re wondering “Where do all my screenshots go?”, the answer is very easy. Once you’ve taken a screenshot, it will automatically appear on your desktop.

The naming convention used to automatically archive screenshots on your desktop will help you to figure out when you’ve taken them. The files will appear with such a name: 

Screen Shot [date] at [time].png

This will let you know the date and time of your snap. And trust me, when you take hundreds of screenshots a day, it can be very useful!


Now that you’re able to take screenshots on your Mac, and you also know where to find them, make sure to start using this great tool. Taking screenshots can make you save a lot of time!

We’ve just seen a few good ways to take screenshots on your Mac. The good thing about having multiple options is that your needs can change all the time, but you always have the chance to take a different type of screenshot to make your job easier and quicker.

Sometimes you only need to focus on parts of your screen and in that case a partial snap or a window capture comes to the rescue. Other times you might want to get a general overview of your screen and the full-screen snap is all you need.

Make sure to become familiar with all these options to be able to always pick the right one that will make you save time and energy.

Make sure to optimise your time so you’ll get to spend it on necessary tasks and leave out all those that can simply be replaced by a screenshot!

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