How to make a new Google email address (Gmail) – Step by Step Instructions

Do you need to make a new Google email address? This can be done in 5 minutes with our step by step instructions.

Google email, also known as Gmail, is probably the best email service in the world. Gmail is totally free and available anywhere in the world. This is probably why you want to make a Google email account. In this guide, I will explain:

  • How to create an email account in Gmail, step by step
  • How to open your Gmail email
  • How to create a new Google email address if you need more than one Gmail account
  • How to send emails with Gmail
  • Google email for business
  • How to register your Google Play email on your phone
get a cup of coffee and open a gmail account

Why should you make a Google email address?

Gmail was introduced by Google back in 2004 and it quickly took over the market. There are several reasons for this great success. Gmail is totally free, it is very easy to use and it offers great functionalities for organizing your emails. Gmail is also fully integrated with your Google Drive, Calendar, Android or iOS phone and the G-Suite. 

Also, you need to have a Gmail account to be able to use your Android phone. That is why pretty much anyone has a Gmail account nowadays. 

Did you already open a Gmail email in the past and you lost your username and/or password? No worries, you can always create a new email address in Gmail. There is no maximum number to the Gmail accounts you can have. This means that it might also be a good idea to create more than one new Google email address. You could, for example, create one for work and one for your personal life. This guide is valid both to create your first Gmail account or a second (or third,…) one. In case you want to have email accounts from different providers, you can consider creating a free Outlook/Hotmail account instead of a second Gmail account.

How to make a Gmail email, step by step

Now that you know what Gmail is and how useful it is to have a Google account, it is time to learn how to create an email account in Gmail. 

1. Go to Gmail to create a new account

The first step to create a new email address in Gmail is to go to the Gmail account webpage. To do this, just go to This should bring you to the right web page for creating a new Gmail account (as in the screenshot below). 

get more done with gmail account

If you land on a mailbox instead of the page that allows you to create a new account, it means that you already have another Gmail account saved on your PC. In fact, if you already have a Gmail account, Google will redirect you to the mailbox of your old account.

No worries, there is a way around which you can use to create a new Google email address without signing out from your old account. To do this, you should open a new incognito tab (also known as Private tab) and go to from there. This way, your browser will not “know” about your other accounts and it will send you directly to the page to create a new one.

If you are using Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Firefox you can open a Private tab by clicking Ctrl + Shift + P. If you are using Google Chrome, you can open an Incognito tab by clicking Ctrl + Shift + N. If you are using a MacBook, you can open an incognito tab by clicking Shift + Command + N. 

At this point, you should be on the right page to create your new Google email address. To do this, it is enough to click on the “Create an Account” button on the web page.

create an account gmail

2. Fill in your data

The second step in creating a Google email account is to fill in your name and choose your username and password. The form to fill in this data should look like the screenshot below. 

The most important steps here are to choose an available username and a valid password. In fact, since many people all over the world are using Gmail, many usernames are already used by someone else. To see if a username is already taken, just fill it in in the username field. If the username is already used, the field will become red and it will indicate that the username is already used. Don’t worry if you cannot think of another username, Google will suggest some valid alternatives based on your name and surname. 

For what concerns the password, you will have to repeat it twice to make sure that there are no typos. There are some requirements for the password such as a minimum length. These requirements are written underneath the password field. Just read the requirements and make sure your password meets them. After filling in the required fields, click “Next” to continue.

create your google account

3. Phone number verification

The third step to make a Google email account is to fill in your phone number. Google needs this information to verify your identity. This also allows you to recover your password in case you forget it. The page to verify your phone number should look like the screenshot below. The only two actions you need to do are to select your country and fill in your phone number.

The country is indicated by the flag on the left side of the page. The reason you need to select your country is that each country has its own unique international code number. By selecting the correct country, the international code will be automatically filled in by Google. For example, the international code for US phone numbers is +1. To verify your phone number: select your country by clicking on the flag and type your phone number in the “Phone number” field. Click “Next” to continue.

verify phone number gmail

After clicking “Next”, you will receive a SMS on your mobile with a verification code. The webpage should now have a field to enter the verification code (see screenshot below). To continue with the creation of your new Google email address, just type the verification code and click “Verify”.

gmail verification code

4. Fill in your personal details

To make a Google email address, you will have to insert your date of birth, gender and if you have it, a recovery email address. The recovery email address is optional. However, I would recommend filling in a recovery email address. In fact, a recovery email address can help you quickly recover your username or password in case you will forget it. Just fill in the required fields and click “Next”

recovery email address

5. Decide if you want to connect your phone number to Gmail 

At this point, you can decide whether or not you want to connect your phone number to your new Google email address. I would recommend connecting your phone number to your Gmail account, because this unlocks nice functionalities such as free video calls via Google. This also allows Google to better understand your preferences. This empowers Google to show you more relevant ads.

Yes, ads can be annoying, but it is better to get interesting ads than boring ones! However, accepting this means further giving up your privacy to Google. This choice is fully up to you, you can either have more privacy or enhanced functionalities. If you prefer more privacy, then click “Skip”. If you prefer enhanced functionalities, then click “Yes, I’m in”.


6. Accept the privacy policy 

The next step in creating a Gmail email address is to accept the privacy policy. Carefully read the privacy policy, tick the two boxes as shown in the picture below and click “Create Account”. Note that it is not possible to create a Gmail account without accepting the privacy policy.

gmail term and conditions

7. Setup your new Google email address

Congratulations, you now have created your new Google email address! It is now time to set it up. Fortunately Google offers a wizard that will help you out setting up your Gmail account. Click on “Next” to get started setting up your email. 

7.1 select your preferred view

If you are asked to choose a preferred view, I would recommend to choose the default view. The default Gmail view is very intuitive and easy to use. No need to select advanced views unless you are an expert.

7.2 Getting started with Gmail

At this point, your new Google email address is ready to be used. However, Google offers you the possibility to further set up your Gmail account. This is possible thanks to the setup progress bar (see screenshot below). To be honest, the only real important step left at this point is to click on “Learn how to use Gmail”. There you can find all the required information to use Gmail to send emails.

gmail account setup

8. Open your new Gmail account in a non-incognito tab

Do you remember when at the beginning of this article I asked you to open an incognito tab to create your new Gmail account in case you already have a saved Gmail account on your PC?

If you created your Gmail account from an incognito tab, it is now time to open it in a normal tab. If you did NOT open your new Google mail account from an incognito tab, you can skip this step:

  • Open Gmail ( from a normal (non-incognito) tab. 
  • Click on the circle with a letter inside located on the top right of the Gmail webpage. 
  • A pop-up with all your Gmail account saved on your computer will appear
  • If your new Gmail account is in the list, then skip the next steps
  • If your new Gmail account is not in the list, then click “Add another account” or “Manage accounts”
  • Add your new Gmail account by filling the username and password.

First steps in your new Google email address

Congratulations, your Gmail account is ready! It is now time to create your first email with your new Google email account. Fortunately, this is a very easy task. Just click the “+ Compose” button on the left side of the webpage (see screenshot below) to create your first mail.

create a new email with gmail

After clicking the “+ Compose” button, a popup will open on the bottom right of your page. This is where you can type your first email. As you can see in the screenshot below, on the top of your new email you will have a “To:” and a “Subject” fields. You should fill-in the email address of the addressee in the “to” filed. For example, if you want to send an email to us, you could write In the “Subject” field you should write the subject of your email. For example, if you want to send an email to us, you could use the following subject: Thanks for your guide on how to create email address Gmail. You can use the space below the “Subject” field to write the body of your email. 

To send your email, just click the blue “Send” button on the bottom of your new email. Congratulations, you just sent your first email with your new Google email address!

new email with gmail

Do you need to send multiple emails? You can use Mailchimp to do it automatically

Transfer your email contacts to your Gmail account

Now that you have a new account, make sure to transfer (or add) your email contacts to Gmail

Google email for business

All the steps I mentioned above are also valid for Google email for business. However, a basic Gmail account will give you a “” email address. When you are using Google email for business, you might want to have your own domain in the email address. For example if your business is called pizza joe, you might want an email address that ends with “” instead of “”. A personalized email domain looks much more professional than a Gmail one. Where an Gmail account is completely free, this is not the case for a personalized email domain. You will have to pay to get a personalized domain. So you should think it through before choosing a personalized domain in Google email for business.

Google email for business: costs and plans

As previously said, you will have to pay for a personalised domain in Google email for business. The basic package starts at $6 per month. This package already offers a personalised domain. Google email for business also offers a Business plan for $12 per month and an Enterprise plan for $25 per month. The main difference between these packages is how much space you will have on your Google Drive to store your files. However, if you are only interested in having a Gmail account for business, the Basic plan will do the job. You can find out more about the features of the different plans on the official Google email for business webpage.

google email for business

How to register your Google Play email on your Android device

A Google email account can be also used as your Google account on your Android phone. To be able to download apps on your Android phone, you need to register your Gmail account as your Google Play email account. You can follow the instructions in the official guide from Google to connect your Gmail to your Android phone.

Enjoy your new Google email account

Congratulations, you completed our guide on how to make a Google email account. You can now send emails for free and enjoy all the features of your Google account. In fact, you can do much more than just emails with a Gmail account. Google offers free alternatives to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Take a look at our guide to see how to use these tools, good luck!