How to Install Access on a Mac?  

Microsoft Access comes with plenty of useful features that enable its users to keep track of useful  information in the form of large databases. Microsoft Access is the best data management tool. MS Access stores data in the form of a Database file, as a Word file is saved as a Document, and an Excel file is called a spreadsheet.  

Microsoft Access incorporates Database Management System (DBMS) which combines  software development tools. The best option in Microsoft Access Mac is that it allows you to  create any format of database app that suits your business. 

MS Access is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to develop a business application without being  a developer.  

In the nutshell, Microsoft Access is a strong ‘business application developing’ tool that  manages your data within a short time.  

Install Microsoft Access on a Mac  

Microsoft Access for Mac does not come with the traditional Office 365 suite as there is no MS  Access Mac version. Microsoft has not developed a specific Access tool for Mac users. However,  there are multiple ways to use this powerful tool on a Mac. I will discuss a few of them with you.  

Install Microsoft Access Mac through Boot Camp  

Boot Camp is a built-in feature in Mac that enables its users to switch between macOS and  Windows.  

You need to download a Windows 10 copy, and then Boot Camp Assistant will take you to the  further installation steps. Boot Camp works well when your Mac is up-to-date.  

If your Mac is not compatible with boot camp, you can try other methods to install Microsoft  Access Mac.

Install Microsoft Access Mac through Parallels  

Data architects and software developers can use Microsoft Access on a Mac without rebooting or hard drive partitioning with the help of the Parallels Desktop.  

All you need is to download and install Parallels Desktop. After that, you have to install Windows  10 and then you will be able to use all Windows apps with full features. Isn’t it simple! 

Install Microsoft Access Mac through Cloud Hosting  

The Cloud Hosting technique is cost-efficient and enables Mac users to connect to the cloud  server where they can use Microsoft Access on a Mac for a little monthly fee through the internet.  

Whenever you want to run MS Access, all you need to do is to connect to the server and run  Microsoft Access Mac easily anytime, anywhere.