How to get Microsoft Outlook on Mac

Microsoft Outlook is an exceptional tool to connect millions of people through a proper channel and organize hundreds of emails to get things done in a little time. MS Outlook for Mac comes with enterprise-grade security that ensures the data of individuals as well as organizations remain confidential and highly secured. MS Outlook automatically removes any unsafe links with endto-end encryption of your emails.   

Microsoft has transformed Hotmail into advanced Outlook that contains emails along with builtin calendar features, which enables you to organize and schedule your meetings, events, and even flights. With all these features, MS Outlook for Mac has a more accessible inbox for ‘everyone’ by introducing powerful voice-control navigation. 

If you want a secure, easily accessible, well-integrated to other assistive devices inbox, then MS Outlook is the best option for you. You can access Microsoft Office and get a premium 365 package of it to entertain yourself with the strong daily usage tools. 

How to Install Outlook on Mac?

Outlook for Mac is a new experience that is simple, easy-to-use, and specially designed for Mac. It keeps you updated by its Calendar 3-Day View. Outlook is powered by Microsoft Cloud, and it allows the users to take no worries of the large files. 

Outlook is a mail app, and before installing Outlook App you have to download Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and some other powerful apps in it that can be a great addition to your Macintosh. Furthermore, you can use Office 365 at 5 different Macs with a single subscription. 

After downloading MS Office for Mac, you need to find the app named Outlook. You need to sign in to your Office Account (Licensed Account). You have two options: enter personal or company product key or Office 365 key. Enter your email address, and the next step will take you to the advanced era of organized, safe emails with Outlook. 

Once the Office is activated, you need to click on the Add Account in the Outlook app. For this, you can use your previous (Hotmail), iCloud, Google account, or Sign Up with a new one. 

Steps to get Outlook for Mac

  • Office 365 Commercial customers can go to Software page to get Outlook for Mac
  • Office consumer subscribers can go to the My Account page to get new Outlook for Mac

Make sure you have an updated Mac before installing Office 365. Mac OS X, OS X 10.9.3, and above Macintosh systems are compatible with MS Office