How to find a good (and cheap) house in Dublin

Ladies and Gentlemen, I made it! I finally have found my place in Dublin, and now I’m telling you all the tricks, to find a spot in Dublin that you could possibly call “HOME”.

So, you finally made your choice! Dublin. A beautiful Irish city, with incredible pubs, great nightlife, friendly and helpful people and of course, jobs!

I hope you’ve considered all the aspects presented in our guide on How to Decide Where to Live Abroad! If so, this article will guide you to through the process of finding apartments to rent in Dublin… and I’m not talking about those expensive places that only wealthy managers and owners of companies can afford.

Today I’ll explain to you how to find a nice house in a strategic area without needing to sell your organs to pay for it.


Have you already figured out where you want to live? Take a few minutes to think about the reasons that made you want to live in that area. Nightlife? Office is close? Remember that there’s always a nice and cheap area close by all the main parts of the city where the fun is going on. Find an apartment beside the Luas line and you’re in a good spot. It doesn’t really matter how far it is from the city centre, as the Luas is an easy and quick connection that won’t make you feel far from all that is going on. If you like day trips, keep in mind how far you are from the best day trips destinations from Dublin


I know, I know…. Nobody wants to live in an empty house. But, think about it… Sometimes landlords put nice pieces of furniture into houses only to ask for more money to their tenants.

Doing some easy math will make this easier to understand. Let’s say that an empty apartment would cost 1200€ per month, but after furnishing it properly, the landlord will ask for 1300€ per month. You’d probably think it’s a good deal, it means that with only a 100€ extra I can get my apartment furnished… Well, actually it’s 100€ per month, so 1200€ extra, if you live there for a year! And the more you live there, the less all of this is convenient!

So, after all the boring math all I can say is: always consider unfurnished houses! You’ll put in all you need step by step! And when you leave the house, that stuff is yours and you can sell it, making some good money back! If you want to go cheap on your furniture, you can always buy it online for a great price!


If you come from the North you’re quite used to share houses, but if you’re not, let me tell you first. Having roommates is really cool. Of course, not always people are lucky to live with the perfect roommates, but that’s part of the game! When you live with roommates you get to see the weirdest and funniest things ever, without even buying a ticket! Make sure to have popcorn with you all the time, as there’s always something about to happen around the corner!

So, open your mind, find a good couple of friends, colleagues, or people you can trust, team up and start viewing houses all together, it’ll make the process easier, smoother and possibly quicker, as you’ll be able to view a triple amount of houses in a short period of time!

Where to look?

A good web of connections is always a good starting point, but come on… Nowadays everything is on the internet! Some websites like and offer thousands of houses to rent in Dublin, and new opportunities come up every day. Keep checking on them by maybe creating a new email address and set all the filters to receive all the latest houses to rent constantly on your phone.

It’s really crucial that you keep up contacting owners if you want to make it, don’t forget that the market is very tight here. Finding a house in Dublin has to be considered as a proper job. 

What documents do you need?

I want to type a couple of lines to tell you what exactly you’ll need to provide to the owner of the property during the application process. It’s very simple, but good to be explained, as in some countries it works differently.

What documents should you provide to the landlord when applying for a an apartment in Dublin?

  • Previous landlord’s reference letter
  • Work reference
  • Three recent payslips
  • Bank statement that shows you’ve always paid your previous rent (make sure to highlight that part)

Applying for a house in Dublin

The application part is the easiest one, right? Wrooooong! Unfortunately, every time you’ll view a house there will always be a long queue of people doing the same. Are you better than them? Are they better than you? Who knows? But if you want to make it you have to be quicker than all the other seekers! Once you’ve viewed the house, assuming you liked it, send all the documentation to the landlord. On. The. Spot. Do not waste a second. You have to be the quickest if you want that place! You can do it, but only if you follow this tip, which is gold worthy, even if simple.

To secure the house landlords will ask you for a deposit, that usually equals the monthly rent. You will start then, paying for your rent as soon as you move in the property. Make sure to have enough money for all of this, and I know… First couple of months will be tough…. Enjoy your soup!

Assuming you already have found a job in Ireland, these were the main points to consider when renting a house in Dublin, give them a go and let me know how it goes… I’m sure your effort will be paid off soon! Don’t give up the fight!