How to Curve Text in PowerPoint

Sometimes when you work on a PowerPoint presentation, you’d like to curve your text to make it fit better with the background, to give it some dynamicity, or simply to make your presentation look nice and catchy. In this guide, we’re going to explain to you how to curve text in PowerPoint.

Why Would You Curve Text in PowerPoint?

The answer is very easy. On this website we are always highlighting the importance of the superficial impact of a presentation. When it comes to presenting, not only is it very crucial to have good content, the way you display it to people is almost as important.

Sometimes presenters forget that good content is not everything and they spend hours showing boring, flat PowerPoint presentations that don’t contain any colours or shapes. Now, we understand the good content is crucial, but if the audience is about to fall asleep, they probably won’t care about your great ideas.

For this reason, it’s very important to polish all aspects of a presentation. Returning to the topic of this guide, the shape of the text is an element that can catch the interest of the audience. For this reason, we are about to show you how to curve text in PowerPoint.

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Curve Text in PowerPoint

Let’s go through the procedure to curve text in PowerPoint. 

First, create a textbox with the text that you want to curve.

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Then, highlight the text and click ‘Shape Format’ in the top menu.

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Once you’re in the ‘Shape Format’ section, you’ll be able to edit your text. To curve your text in PowerPoint, you have to click ‘Text Effects’.

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Once you’ve clicked ‘Text Effects’, a dropdown menu will give you a few options. You can go through all of them and see what suits your needs. However, if you’re looking to curve your text, you should probably hover over the ‘Transform’ section of the menu. A few different options will show up.

The ‘Follow Path’ section of the menu will show you all the options for curving your text.

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Once you click the option you like most, it will automatically be applied to your text. At this point, you can use the anchor-points on the screen to play around with the text and make it more or less curvy.

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This is the easiest and most efficient way to curve text in PowerPoint. As we always say, it’s really important to pay attention to shapes and colours when making presentations. We always want to make sure our content looks catchy and dynamic, and creates curiosity.

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Now you know how to curve text in PowerPoint. Hopefully, this will help you to create dynamic presentations to stand out and make your ideas count. 

This is a good skill to have and you’ll get to use it frequently, with powerful results to enhance your presentation skills!