How to create Word Art in Google Docs

Word Art is a classic tool to create catchy headers for your documents. Word Art started as a function of Microsoft Word back in the 90s. Nowadays, there are many different ways to generate Word Art, and one of them is to use Google´s built in function to create Word Art in Google Docs.

A bit of background: what are your options?

As I just mentioned, Google Docs has a built in function to create Word Art. However, this is not the only way to create Word Art in Google Docs. As an alternative, you could create your Word Art using a website or in Microsoft Word and then Copy and Paste it in your Google Docs file. In this article, I will explain several ways to create Word Art in Google Docs and their pros and cons. 

How to create Word Art in Google Docs using the built in function 

Using Google Docs’ built in function is probably the easiest way to add Word Art on Google Docs. Let’s take a look at the steps needed to do this.

The firsts steps are the following (see screenshot below):

  • Open Google Docs
  • Click ¨Insert¨ in the top left of the Google Docs page
  • Select ¨Drawing¨
  • Click ¨+ New¨

After doing this, a popup with Google Docs’ Drawing function will open up. Take the following steps in the Drawing popup to create Word Art in Google Docs

  • Click ¨Actions¨ in the top left of the Drawing popup
  • Click ¨Word Art¨

This will open the text field where you need to type the text of the Word Art you want to create. In the example in the screenshot below, we choose Job Wherever as the Word Art text. If you want to type on multiple lines, you can use ¨Shift¨ +¨Enter¨ to create a new line. 

After typing the text, hit the Enter key on your keyboard to create the Word Art on Google Docs.

After doing this, the Word Art will appear in the Docs drawing popup (as in screenshot below). Do not be disappointed if the newly created Word Art is ugly! This is just the basic Word Art on Google Docs. You can improve it with just a few clicks, let’s see how this works!

Modify Word Art in Google Docs

Google Docs offers several functions to modify and improve the Word Art you just created. To be able to modify your Word Art, it needs to be selected. If the text is selected, it will be highlighted in a blue box (as in screenshot above). In case the text is not selected, just click on it and the blue box will appear around your selected text. When the WordArt is selected in Google Docs, the main functions to modify it will appear as in the screenshot below.

From left to right these functions are:

  • Fill colour 
  • Border colour 
  • Border weight
  • Border dash
  • Font
  • Bold
  • Italic

I will now show you how to modify your Word Art using Google Docs with an example. 

Change colour (fill and border colour)

Click the Fill colour button and select the colour you want to use for your Word Art. In the example below, I chose orange as this is the main colour of our website. If you want to, you can also use a Gradient colour by clicking ¨Gradient¨. In my example, I just used a solid colour as per default.

You might have noticed that the colour had changed. However, the colour of the borders stayed the same. To change the border colour just click the border colour buttonand choose your favorite border colour. In our case we chose red as the border colour. Do not forget that the text needs to be selected to be able to modify it.

Choose border weight and dash

The next step is to choose the weight and dash of the border. You can do this by clicking the correspondent buttons in the menu:. In our example we did not change this, but this is entirely up to your taste. Try out different weights and dashes and choose the one you prefer!

Change font and make it bold or italic 

The initial font that Google Docs selects for Word Art is very boring: Arial. You can change this by clicking the Font button (as usual, remember that the text needs to be selected to be able to modify it). Choosing the right font is essential if you want to have a nice looking Word Art. In our case, we want to create a nice piece of Word Art to remember the great 90s! To do this we choose Pacifico as our font. You can take a look at our final result below. Not bad right? 

The last option to personalize your Word Art in Docs is to make it bold and/or italic. You can do this with these two buttons: .

When you are satisfied with the Word Art you created in Google Docs, you can click the ¨Save and Close¨ blue button on the top right corner of the page to generate the Word Art in your Docs’ file.

Other ways to create Word Art in Google Docs

Do you want some more advanced and fancy Word Art in your Google Docs?  No worries, there are, of course, several options to do this and to get the full 90s feeling! The best way to do this, is to use a Free Word Art Creator Online. In fact, this offers many more advanced functions such as different styles and colours. By using an Online creator you can easily create some advanced Word Art like the one shown below!

Of course, another way to add a Word Art to your Google Docs is to use the original Word Art function in Microsoft Word. To do so, you just need to open Microsoft Word and to click Insert and Select Word Art. From there, you can select your favourite Word Art style and create it. The final step will be copying the WordArt from Microsoft Word to your Google Docs document. 


Now you know how to create Word Art in Google Docs and how to personalize it. Did you know that Google also offers Google Slides? This is a free alternative to PowerPoint that you can use to create impactful presentations. We selected the best templates that you can use to create an impactful presentation. Take a look at it and learn how to use Google Slides to make an impact!