How to create Harvey Balls PowerPoint

Creating harvey balls PowerPoint can be a real pain… if you do not know the right technique. To simplify your life, we made a FREE template to help you create the perfect harvey balls.

Harvey Balls PowerPoint instructions

After creating many PowerPoint presentations for work, I realized that PowerPoint does not offer any standard harvey balls function, so I started looking for tutorials online. After some research, I realised that there was nothing good out there and I decided to write this article. 

All online tutorials suggest to manually draw triangles and oval shapes to generate harvey balls. But is that really the best way? Of course not! 

A harvey ball is the same as a pie chart. Therefore, you can just use Microsoft Excel to create a pie chart, then copy and paste it into PowerPoint to create harvey balls. This is a much faster and elegant solution!

To make your life simpler, I already created an Excel template that you can use for this.  

1) Get ready 

  • Open the downloaded file
  • Click “Enable editing”. This is needed since you will have to input values in Excel
Two colors pie chart Power point Harvey ball

2) Fill in the values

The Excel file has three input cells (B3 B4 and B5, highlighted in the screenshot below). Fill in the values you want in the three cells, and the values in the pie chart (harvey balls) will change accordingly.

If you only want two values instead of three, just leave the cell for the third value (B5) empty. This will create a pie chart with two “slices” instead of three.

Pie chart instructions for Powerpoint Harvey ball

Note that you do not need to fill a total value of 100%. The pie will just adjust and consider the sum of the values to be 100% (as shown below).

three colors pie chart balls PowerPoint

3) Change the harvey balls PowerPoint style

You do not like the harvey balls style? No problem, you can change the style and the colours in few clicks!

  • Select the pie chart and click Design in the Excel top menu
  • Select the style you like the most (the options are highlighted below) 
Harvey balls power point

If an unwanted legend (highlighted below) appears, select it and click Delete to cancel it. Now you that you have chosen the harvey balls PowerPoint style, let’s select the best colours!

correct style pie chart

4) Change the colours

To change the colour of a slice, right click on it and select Fill to see the list of colours. Select the colours your prefer for all three slices.

Harvey balls change colour

5) Copy and Paste your harvey ball to PowerPoint

  • Right click on the harvey ball you just created in Excel and click Copy
  • Open PowerPoint
  • Right click in any slide and select Paste as Image (as shown below)
Paste pie chart power point

Important: Make sure to paste it as an image, else any change in the Excel file will affect the Harvey ball in PowerPoint!!!

Need some more style?

This article guided you through the tricks on how to make the perfect Harvey ball in PowerPoint. However, if you are looking for some special stylish Harvey ball, I recommend to take a look to, they offer nice looking Harvey balls graphics!!

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