How to copy and paste on Chromebook

Copy and paste is really easy right? Well, only if you know how to do it! Copy Paste is a function that every Operating System offers, but the combination of keys to execute the command can be different. In this article I will teach you how to Copy Paste on your Chromebook device.

Why is it different for Chromebook?

Copy Paste works differently on Chromebook because a Chromebook device is powered by Chrome operating system, not by Windows. I already explained the differences between a Chromebook and a Windows device in my previous article, so you can take a look at that article if you are interested!

Copy Paste on a Chromebook is very different from Windows!

You might have noticed that the interface of your Chromebook device is more similar to the one of an Android phone (or tablet) than the one of a Windows device. The same also applies to the way that you can access and modify your files. On Windows devices, you normally have a lot of folders accessible from your desktop. To copy and paste them you just need to select them, hit ¨CTRL¨ + ¨C¨ and then click ¨CTRL¨ + ¨V¨ in the location where you want to paste them. On Chromebook, the situation is a bit different because of the way that the Chrome Operating system works. Copying and pasting within one document or from one document to the other is also quite different in a Chromebook. Let’s take a look at the different user cases:

How to Copy and Paste files on Chromebook

First of all, you should not really keep many files on your Chromebook! As you do not have much archive space, it is much better to store your files on Google Drive. You can access both your local files and these on your Google Drive by using the ¨Files¨ app in Chromebook. Just hit the magnifying glass button on the left of your keyboard, search for ¨Files¨ and open the Files App (see the icon below).

On the left side of the Files app, you will find ¨Google Drive¨ and ¨My files¨. The latter is the folder where all the local files on your Chromebook are stored.

To copy files, just navigate to the folder you need and press ¨CTRL¨ + ¨C¨. To paste them, just go to the folder where you need to paste them and press ¨CTRL¨ + ¨V¨. This also works to copy files from your Google Drive to your local folder.

How to Copy and paste content from different apps 

Copy and Paste files from different apps is not always possible and as easy as it is for a Windows PC. For example, you cannot just copy an image in a folder and paste it in Google Docs in your Browser. Often, Copy Paste on a Chromebook device can only be done within the same app. Fortunately, if you are using your Chromebook device correctly, most apps will be running from your Google Chrome browser (e.g. Docs, Sheets etc..). This means that you will be able to easily Copy Paste stuff when using apps on your Chrome browser

Te exception is…text

Copying and pasting text is an exception to the rule above. You can normally copy and paste text from and to any app on your Chromebook device!

Now that you know how to copy and paste on your Chromebook device, you should take a look at how to take a screenshot on Chromebook!