How to choose the best font for PowerPoint

Are you working on an important presentation and wondering what the best font for PowerPoint is? This article will guide you through the best PowerPoint fonts.

Choosing the right font is essential to create a good presentation. In addition, some PowerPoint fonts might be appropriate for informal presentations but not for formal ones. Let’s analyse all the options and find out how to use them.

Best professional PowerPoint fonts

Are you making important work slides like RoadMap Slides? Then you want to make sure you are using the right font for them.

Some professional fonts are very specific and innovative, some others are always a safe option. Let’s first start with evergreens fonts and then move to some more special stuff. 

Calibri, probably the best font for PowerPoint 


Calibri is the default font for PowerPoint (and many other Office tools) for more than a decade! Trust me, there is a reason if Microsoft chose it over thousands of other fonts.. 

Calibri is not only very elegant, it is also round enough to not look like it just came out of an old typing machine. I can only agree with Microsoft and say that Calibri wins the prize for the best font for PowerPoint. Unless you are a design expert or you are making slides for something very special, I would recommend using Calibri. 

Calibri is already available in PowerPoint and offers a Body version and a Light version (for Headings).

Verdana, designed for the digital era

font for powerpoint

Another classic. Verdana was designed in 1996 specifically for Microsoft. It is very readable and professional. If you want to make a good and professional impression, Verdana is probably the best font for PowerPoint to use.

Arial, the classic PowerPoint font

fonts power point

Everyone knows Arial. If you want to use something that will look familiar to everyone, Arial is the choice! However, it might look a bit boring since it’s the most standard available.

Tip: make sure to also select a professional template. Read our guide on presentation templates to find the best templates for your slides.

Informal PowerPoint fonts

If you are making slides for a party or a leisure activity, you might want to consider some less formal font. PowerPoint offers thousands of informal fonts. However, most of them miss the most important characteristic for a font, readability. It doesn’t matter how informal the situation is, you want to make sure that the readers can easily understand what’s written on your slides. Here are my favourite informal PowerPoint fonts

Comic Sans MS: the best font for PowerPoint informal slides

comic sans power point font

A classic, isn’t it? This casual font has been around since 1994 and still looks great. It is very round and it transmits a relaxing feeling when reading it. Whether it is not recommended for formal presentations, I would strongly encourage you to use it for casual slides.

Custom fonts

Do you want to impress your audience with something they have never seen before? Then you need to look into custom fonts! You can find all the best custom fonts at buffalo7.

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