Best 5 FREE VPN Accounts

We’ve already spoken about VPN services, presenting the list of The 7 Best VPN Services.

Now, it’s time to talk about How to choose and open a FREE VPN ACCOUNT?.

In this article:

  • We’ll explain to you How to create a FREE VPN Account
  • We’ll explain to you How to install a FREE VPN Chrome Extension
  • We’ll explain to you What’s a FREE VPN Chrome Extension
  • We’ll show to you the Best FREE VPN Accounts
  • We’ll show to you the Best FREE VPN for Firestick

Normally, all the VPN services come with a FREE trial version that lasts a couple of weeks or a month. Sometimes they’re also available for FREE for a limited amount of MB per month. That is the case of Hotspot Shield, for example. In fact, on the web you’re able to find a free version of this VPN service that will allow you to navigate anonymously for a total of 500MB per month.

FREE VPN Account vs. Paid VPN Account

In the technological environment the word “FREE” is very weird and tricky. In fact, can we really consider something “FREE” really free?

Well, when we download a FREE VPN service, technically we’re not paying for it. Not directly. Not with money, at least.

But, are we sure that the company is not earning anything while allowing us to navigate anonymously for free?

I’m telling you, most of the time the providers let you navigate for free for a limited amount of time or giving you a small bandwidth, only to show you the potential of the full service. They basically make you taste the flavour of the full package giving you bits of it. Their intention is to persuade you to purchase one of their paid offers. So far, so good I’d say. In fact, these kind of providers only apply a fair marketing strategy.

It might happen that some providers would come up with a generous FREE offer. Smells weird… I know. Here’s the trick. Some providers would sell your personal information to third party companies for targeting ads. In that case, your personal information will pay for your subscription… would it be worth it for you? It obviously is your choice!

How to create a FREE VPN Account?

lady using free VPN account from tablet

Now, we know what a FREE VPN account is, but how can we install it on our computer? Well, this answer is very simple!

If we’re about to install a FREE Trial version, which means that the VPN service will be free only for a limited amount of time, the process works as follows: After downloading the software and installing it as a normal Application, we might be asked to insert our credit card number. Don’t be scared, they’re not going to take any money from our bank account, but only ensure that after the Trial period we’ll be able to pay to keep using the service. In case we won’t be satisfied by the service or we just won’t be keen to pay for it, let’s make sure to unsubscribe before the trial period is over.

As we’ve already mentioned above, some VPN providers offer some FREE light versions of their products. Those VPN services could be found on the official websites of the providers and don’t require any credit card numbers to be installed. The only trick in this case is that after using all the monthly MB offered for FREE, the software will automatically stop the navigation. In this case, you’ll be left in a limbo where you can only upgrade the service (paying) or stop navigating anonymously.

So, take it easy and make sure to keep an eye on the counter, to not pass your FREE limited bandwidth.

What’s a FREE VPN Chrome Extension?

Generally, FREE VPN Chrome Extensions come with FREE VPN Accounts. A Chrome Extension is a small software used to “customise” your browsing experience.

In this case, a FREE VPN Chrome Extension is very helpful when it comes to quickly turning the VPN mode on and off, as you can find the button directly on the search bar of the browser.

How to install a FREE VPN Chrome Extension?

Free VPN Chrome extension on windows PC

Installing a FREE VPN Chrome Extension is very simple. In fact, it works as every common extension. After making sure that the VPN provider that offers your FREE subscription, also produces a Chrome Extension, you’ll only need to find that extension on the Chrome Web Store and add it to your search bar.

Best FREE VPN Accounts


Windscribe free VPN

Windscribe is a VPN service that offers an interesting FREE plan. In fact, you can use Windscribe for free as long as you like. The plan offers access to 10 different locations and you’re given 10GB of bandwidth per month if you register with your email address.

Windscribe is a good service, perfect for unblocking the streaming players. Their FREE offer is remarkable, especially if needed only for a few days once in a while.

hide me is another VPN service that offers a good FREE VPN deal. In fact, just as Windscribe, they offer 10GB per month of bandwidth. The locations offered here are only 5, but in this case we have no logs and ads. The usability of this VPN service is great and it works fine with all the streaming players. It’s a good option to be considered.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot freeVPN account

Hotspot Shield is a user-friendly VPN service, very good for torrenting and streaming videos. The interface is pretty and simple, in fact it only presents an On/Off button. Hotspot Shield also offers a very easy-to-use FREE VPN Chrome Extension.

The FREE version of Hotspot Shield contains ads. This is such a pain because the provider might share some of your personal details, like your geo-localization, to third party advertisers.

In addition, Hotspot Shield doesn’t include an Ad blocker in its VPN service.

Last detail, the FREE version of Hotspot Shield limits you to 500MB of content per day. This is a pretty decent offer, but if you’re willing to stream some videos you won’t really go far with that amount of FREE bandwidth.

Express VPN

express VPN

Express VPN FREE is a VPN service that works very well in terms of giving anonymity and privacy. It’s perfect for streaming. In fact, Express VPN easily passes all the geo-barriers.

What must be considered about Express VPN is that the FREE subscription doesn’t really exist. In alternative, after purchasing one of those packages, the provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee deal, that allows you to test the service for 30 days. If after the 30 days you won’t be happy with the service, you’ll be able to claim your money back.

This is not the best solution for a FREE VPN account, definitely not a definitive one, but might be great as a test.

Best FREE VPN for Firestick?

As you probably know, Firestick is a streaming video player that looks like an USB stick. It’s sold on Amazon and it’s very useful to turn a common TV with an HDMI port into a Smart TV. Firestick is also a great addition to your TV, because it allows you to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Movies, obviously after purchasing the relative subscriptions.

Firestick is a portable device and sometimes VPN access might be needed to get through barriers such as geo-limitations.

Let’s have a look at the Best FREE VPN for Firestick.

All the FREE VPN services described above are valuable and work perfectly with the Firestick. It’s good to highlight that one of them can be found directly on the App store of Amazon Firestick. Specifically, is the one that easily can be implemented to the device.

The Verdict

Now you know how to create a FREE VPN Account. Keep in mind to make sure that your subscription can be a trial, so you have a limited amount of time to decide if you want to start paying for it or to unsubscribe. Your subscription could also be FREE, but with limited functionalities and bandwidth. In this case you might want to make sure that the amount of GB per month offered for free by the provider will be enough to satisfy your needs.

At this point, you also know what a FREE VPN Chrome Extension is and why it is important. If you consider this feature crucial make sure that your VPN will include one in the FREE deal.