How to buy a Star and Name it After Someone

Nowadays, people already own everything and finding a good present for a friend, colleague or lover isn’t easy at all. Lately, I’ve heard of a lot of people naming stars after their loved one and giving them the certificate as a gift. It sounds like a great Valentine’s present, although I’m sure that it would do the job even in different circumstances, such as a birthday, a promotion at work or a farewell.

The cases of people buying stars are getting more and more frequent, so I decided to surf the web and try to find more information. This guide will explain how to buy a star.

After typing “buy a star” in the search bar of the search engine, a couple of very interesting websites appear on screen. It looks like they offer a proper restaurant-style menu to choose between different kinds of stars, including standard stars, constellation stars, extra bright stars and binary stars.

Guys, it looks like naming a star after someone is a real thing! Let’s dive deeper into it and find out all the crucial info!

Types of Stars

It looks like these websites that allow you to buy and name a star after someone give you different options. In fact, their websites show menus with the different kinds of stars you can purchase.

Standard stars and extra bright stars seem to be the most common types and they are basically the visible lonely stars that you can spot in the sky. All the main websites guarantee visible stars, which is obviously very important as you want to be able to spot your star in the sky!

Another type of star that you can find online is one called “constellation”. Obviously, we’re not talking about buying a full constellation of stars. It is simply a star that is part of a constellation. These stars are very easy to locate and can be spotted throughout the whole year.

Last but not least, the most interesting deal is probably the binary star. A binary star is made of two stars that orbit around a mutual barycentre. These can be a bit more expensive, but if you think about it, it includes two stars! That makes it a great gift for couples, as you’ll get to name two stars that will be close to each other forever!

How to Buy a Star

Now, buying a star is a real thing. It looks like a lot of people have done it already, so I decided to chat to the two main websites that give you the opportunity to name a star after someone to find out what bundles they offer, what’s included and how much it costs.

The first website I decided to contact is called Star Registration.

The live chat service worked very well and the help desk gave me a lot of interesting information.

Let’s break down their price list for naming a star after someone.

The website offers you three different options:

  1. You can buy a Standard Star. This is a visible star that you can name after yourself or someone else. The star will stay visible throughout the year. The cost of this deal is €33.90.
  2. A Constellation Star. Star Registration gives you the opportunity to buy a visible star that is part of a constellation. In this case, the star is described by Star Registration as “very easy to locate”. If you want to name a constellation star after someone, it costs €50.90.
  3. A Binary Star. This option, recommended for couples, allows you to name a binary star after someone. As explained above, a binary star is a system that includes two different stars rotating around the same barycentre. This costs €83.90.
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Last, but not least, every time you name a star, you can also order an original Swarovski Star Pendant to remind you of the star in the sky named after yourself or your beloved.

After buying a star on Star Registration, you’ll receive a certificate that will prove your lifetime purchase. Included in all deals, is also a celestial map. This chart is customised for you and will help you locate your star in the sky without effort.

The star will also be registered in the Registry and you’ll be able to retrieve your record anywhere and anytime.

The second website we found when we googled “how to buy a star” is

This website looks as good and professional as the first. It offers some very interesting deals and gift sets that we will break down for you. lets you buy three different types of stars and name them after someone. Part of the deal is matching your new star with a memorable date, which could be a birthday or an anniversary – you name it!

You can choose between:

  1. A Standard Star. You get to pick a star in the sky and name it and give it a memorable date and a message. The deal also includes star maps, star deeds and a confirmation letter. It costs $19.99. The star deed is a document that includes all the main information for your star, such as coordinates, name, memorable date and the Star-Name-Registry official embossed seal of approval.
  2. An Extra Bright Star. In this case, you get the same deal explained above, but with a star that is easier to locate, as the name of the deal would suggest. The characteristics of the star make the deal more expensive. However, it would also be visible all year and that could be a really great bonus for only $39.99.
  3. The Binary Star. You can name two stars that rotate around the same barycentre. You can match the names of your stars with a memorable date and a message. This double deal, perfect for couples, will only cost you $69.99.
Graphical user interface, textDescription automatically generated also offers some very interesting gift sets.

The three gift sets options are called: Essential Gift Set, Vivid Gift Set, and Duo Gift Set.

The three gift sets include the features we’re about to list. The difference that makes the price vary is the sort of star that comes with the deal.

The Essential Gift Set comes with a Standard Star and costs $59.99.

The Vivid Gift Set comes with an Extra Bright Star and it’s $79.99.

The Duo Gift Set includes the Binary Star and it’s obviously the most expensive one, at $109.99.

However, what makes all three sets great is the inclusion of a Dark Wood Certificate frame and the black presentation box. Finally, all gift sets are sent with high priority shipping that takes less time than the normal deals.

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Now you know how to name a star after someone. That could be a great gift for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and more. It’s something that will last forever and could really mark a crucial date in your life.

If you read this article, you were probably wondering how to buy a star, and hopefully now you’ve got all the right answers. Remember, the two websites above were tested and all information included in the article was verified. So, don’t be afraid to make someone feel special: naming a star after them is the most romantic and thoughtful gift ever. Buy a star today!