How to build a home podcast recording studio (Joe Rogan style)

Running a podcast is an adventure that you start as a hobby and at some point might become a really cool working from home job. Building your home podcast recording studio is a fundamental step to succeed. Of course, it’s all connected to the amount of time and effort that you put into it. Follow our guidelines and at some point you’ll get to build a fanbase and a real audience.

We’ve received requests about Joe Rogan’s podcast equipment. What he uses in his show in terms of technology is very simple, cheap and easily replicable. But we’ll get there, step by step!

What is needed to start a podcast?

Before talking about Joe Rogan’s show, let’s go through all the equipment needed to start a project. It’s really important to know the functions of  every element in order to buy the right thing. Sometimes the coolest thing on the market is not needed. It’s better to put your focus (and money!!!) on those items that you actually need, instead of purchasing some random stuff that you might think would be good to have. 

Essential podcast recording equipment


If you’re wondering what equipment is needed for a podcast, the answer is very easy and quick. You need a computer, good headphones, an audio interface and, of course, a microphone.

Let’s analyze one by one all these items, to understand their importance in the process.

First of all, the computer. It’s going to be the key element to “catch” all your words to produce the final package. If you’re a beginner, we’ve already explained how to produce a podcast in an easy way.

The audio interface, commonly known as “mixer”, is a device that will transfer the conversation from the microphones to the computer.

Headphones, I don’t really think it’s needed to explain what they are, but might be good to highlight how important it is to get good ones. You have to be very aware of what’s going on in the room while you’re recording. You have to be able to catch noises (e.g. the aircon) that you’d never notice otherwise. Here you can find an overview of the best headphones to make your podcast.

Microphone, it obviously allows you to record your voice simply speaking into it.

Podcast recording studio equipment for beginners

If you’re a beginner, you probably don’t own any of the objects described above. If that’s the case, don’t be sad and treat yourself with a bundle that you can find online.

I personally recommend this podcast equipment bundle(ADD LINK) that you can buy on Amazon for a very little money. Bundles are very common online and they offer really cheap, but good quality devices that would allow you to start your show and keep up for a while! No need to replace them straight forward when you get familiar with the podcast world.

Joe Rogan Podcast Equipment

Now you are familiar with all needed to build our own podcast recording studio. We can compare the basic equipment with what a professional like Joe Rogan uses in his own show.

Joe Rogan podcast equipment

Unfortunately, in his videos we never really get to see all the pieces of equipment he uses. We can spot an audio interface, with all the small statues on. We can also spot a screen with a virtual mixer on and two mics. And that is really it! Absurd, right? Once you have these basic tools, the key elements to make the show great are your skills as a host. You can take a look at this article if you want more info on how to build a good podcast studio for beginners.

The secret of success

Using the right Podcast editing service, asking the right question, keeping a good rhythm for the whole length of the show and finding good guests will be then the secret of your success. Joe Rogan is a comedian that knows how to entertain with his voice. After over a thousand episode, he also is a good host and his show has listeners everywhere on the globe. In the picture we can see him interviewing Kevin Hart, and his strategy is pretty effective.

He talks to his guests after a deep research (you can tell), but keeping the conversation very friendly. He does not follow any guidelines. It simply is the same conversation you’d have at the pub with a friend. This kind of format always works quite well and has to be considered as a winning format. It is important to control the conversation to keep it interesting all the time. Try to not end up talking about uninteresting personal facts!

In Conclusion

Building your home podcast recording studio is very easy and quick. If you try hard and follow our guidelines, you’ll also be able to make your show interesting and big. As usual, I’m telling you that there’s no secret in success. Just believe in yourself and put a big effort in anything you do!I know, this topic is very broad and you might need more information. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to contact us at or simply drop a message on our Facebook page! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!