How to Bike to Work and choose the right Bike for it

Do you think that cycling to work is something that only health freaks would do? You couldn’t be more wrong! Cycling to work is something that everyone can not only do, but also enjoy doing.

The secret is understanding the advantages of cycling to work and selecting the right bike for you. Do not worry if you live far away from your workplace, cycling can be combined with public transport or driving. 

Bike to work, isn’t it something normal?

Cycling in the rain during bike to work day

In Countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark, biking to work is something absolutely normal. In these countries, you will see people of any age and profession biking to work, including prime ministers! The Netherlands and Denmark aren’t only some of the best countries to work in Europe, they also consistently rank as top countries for happiness and life satisfaction of their citizens. Could cycling to work be one of the factors making people happier? Let’s go through the advantages of cycling to work to answer this question.

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The advantages of cycling to work 

bike parked during bike to work day

It saves you time at the gym

Cycling is healthy, everyone knows it. You can burn as many as 500 calories by cycling for one hour. Cycling is also very good for your heart. Since you probably already knew all of this, let’s look at it in a more practical way. 

Life can get quite busy nowadays. Spending time at the gym means sacrificing something else. If you cycle to work, you can convert useless and stressful commuting time into useful exercising time. This way, you can free up some time to spend with your family and friends.. Don’t think that biking to work will take you longer than driving. Commuting by car will probably take longer than cycling in today’s traffic!

It will improve your status at work

Cycling is the cheapest means of transport. Travelling by car is much more expensive than what you think. If you account for petrol, maintenance, depreciation and all the other costs involved with driving, you will realize how much you can save by leaving your car in the parking garage (or even selling it).

Basically, you can consider a bike as a means of transport that burns your fat instead of car’s gasoline. Going by bike will improve the health of both you and the planet. Even if your inner motivation might be saving money, your colleagues will consider you green, sporty and trendy if you bike to work. This will surely improve your status at work and also motivate other people to start cycling to work. If in some months more colleagues will be cycling to work, you will be considered the pioneer of cycling. Isn’t it nice?

Consistent commuting time

People always talk a lot about commuting time. However, this is not the only factor making commuting annoying. Inconsistency in commuting time is surely another annoying factor. Cycling and walking are probably the only two commuting options offering a consistent arrival time. You do not need to worry about traffic, lack of parking space, strikes or defect trains.

Let’s imagine you have an important meeting (or a job interview) at 9 o’clock and you are going by car. You should plan to arrive 30 minutes earlier to be safe in case of traffic. If you go by bike, you can just be there 5 minutes earlier! This is also an enormous advantage for (shift) workers that must be on time every day. If you go by bike, you do not need to arrive earlier every day to prevent the risk of traffic. Just show up just in time every day and free up some time to spend with your family for breakfast!

It enables public transports

Living close to a train station might be expensive. If you live a few km away from the train station, commuting by train becomes much less convenient. Doing 4 km by bus will probably take you longer than doing 30 km by train, making public transport less convenient than driving. Cycling to the station will make your trip by train much more convenient!

Remember, a bicycle is fully compatible with any form of public transport. You can park it at the station for free or you can buy a foldable bike and carry it on the train or on the bus.

It is good for your mood and helps you reflecting

Cycling is good for your mood. Like any sport and physical activity, it can help you relax and reduce stress. I remember discussing this topic with a senior manager. He told me that cycling is a great moment to reflect and that he made many strategic business decisions while cycling.

When cycling, you are disconnected from the world and have free time to reflect without distractions. Who knows, maybe some of the most important decisions were taken while cycling? 

The most common excuses and why not to listen to them

Bike to work day 2020

People around you might come out with any sort of excuse to not cycle. These excuses probably all make sense in certain cases. Your job is to choose the correct bike and equipment to make these excuses not valid in your case.

For example, someone might argue that you will be cold while cycling. Well, this issue has to do with the clothes you are wearing, not with cycling itself. Just wear the correct clothes and you will never be too cold!

Also someone might argue that your workplace is too far to cycle. To solve this issue, you can combine cycling with public transport or buy a sport or an electric bike. I know people travelling more than 60km by bike every day! With the right (electric) bike and possibly a shower at work, nothing is impossible!

Which bike should I use to bike to work? The expert’s opinion

As previously said, this is not an easy question since each situation requires a different bike. I asked this question to Mr Piazzalunga, the proud owner of Cicli Piazzalunga, a successful family bike shop in Italy. Italy is the home of the Giro d’Italia and some of the best cyclists in the world. The advice from an expert from such a country is all you need to find the best bike to cycle to work. 

Mr Piazzalunga, which is the best bicycle to cycle to work?

There is no such thing as one standard bicycle that is good for anybody, everyone has his own needs. We try to offer a tailored solution based on people’s needs. To suggest the best bike, we consider factors such as the type of road, the distance you need to cycle and your physical condition. Choosing the correct bike is not enough, accessories such as a comfortable seat can help make your commuting comfortable and stress free.

Pedal-assisted e-bikes are comfortable, practical and beautiful. However, they are only handy for people that start commuting from home directly by bike. There are endless pedal-assisted e-bike models. If you are riding in the city, the best option is to buy a city bike. In a city bike, the motor is located in the wheels. City bikes are usually affordable and have a range from 40 up to 70 km.

If you are looking for longer range and higher efficiency, the best option is to buy a center-drive e-bike. Thanks to the higher efficiency, the range for center-drive e-bikes is from 100 up to 140 km.

If your commuting journey starts by car or public transport, a foldable aluminium e-bike is the best option for you. A foldable e-bike lighter than 14 kg  is handy, small and easy to load and unload on the train/car. If loading and unloading a 14 kg e-bike is physically difficult for you, a normal foldable bike might be a better option. 

If you are a sporty person, you can consider Gravel bikes. They are comfortable sport bikes that can be equipped with a rack for everyday use, just like a city bike. 

Obviously, when planning which bike to buy to bike to work, you should consider the facilities that your job offers. For example, it is much easier to cycle to work if you can shower or at least change your clothes at work.


These were our tips on why you should cycle to work and how to choose the best bike for your needs. Looking for more tips on how to succeed at work? Take a look at our Job section or follow us on linkedIn or Twitter.