How to Add Signature in Outlook and Choose the Right Signature Size

Are you wondering how to add or change your signature in Outlook? Then you are on the right page! In this article i will explain step by step:

  • How to add a signature in Outlook 
  • How to change a signature in Outlook from any device
  • How to create a good signature in Outlook using Outlook signature templates 

A bit of background

In the past, business partners would read your business card to learn about your job and company. In today’s digitalized world, business cards are disappearing and your email signature and Linkedin account are becoming increasingly more important. This means that your email signature is your business card and you should really put some effort into creating a good email signature. 

A big advantage of email signatures in Outlook is that you can have multiple signatures to choose from before sending an email. I would really recommend making use of this function and creating different signatures for different situations. For example, you can create a signature in Outlook for when you need to send formal emails to customers and authorities, a less formal signature for communication within your company and maybe a funny one for your teammates. Also consider creating a second Outlook email address to protect the privacy of your main email address, this is 100% free!

Let’s now take a look at how to add signature in Outlook.

How to add signature in Outlook 

Do you already have a signature? Or maybe not? No worries, the instructions on how to add signature in Outlook are the same whether you have to add a new signature to Outlook or you are creating a signature in Outlook for the first time.

You can add a signature in Outlook from your web browser or from the desktop app. In this article I will explain both options as they are both good. However, if you already have the desktop app (it is part of the paid Microsoft office package), I would recommend adding your Outlook signature from the desktop app.

How to add signature in Outlook from your desktop App

The reason why I would really recommend learning how to change signature in Outlook for your desktop app is that the App allows you to manage multiple signatures. The first step to add an email signature to your list of email signatures in Outlook is to create a new email. In fact, the button to access your email signatures is immediately visible when creating a new mail. This makes a lot of sense as Outlook allows you to select which email signature you want to use before sending an email. 

To get started, just open Outlook and click “New email”. This will open a window to create a new email. From there click “Signature” (as shown in the screenshot below). This will open a pull down menu where you will see the list of signatures you have created (in the example below there is only one email signature called “Standard”. Below the list of email signatures, you will find the “Signatures…” button. Click this button (as in screenshot below) to open the menu you need.

Choose Outlook signature

This will bring you to the menu shown in the screenshot below. Here you will again find the list of email signatures and “New” button to create a new signature. 

How to change an existing signature in Outlook desktop app from here? Simple, just select it and modify the signature in the Edit signature field. 

How to add a signature in Outlook from here? Just click “New” (highlighted in red below) to create a new one! 

Create new signature Outlook

How to switch between email signatures in the Outlook app

Now that you have created more than one signature, you can simply switch between them by clicking the signature button as indicated in the screenshot below. This will open a list of the available signatures, just select the one you need and you will see it appear at the end of your email message.

Are you lacking good ideas to create a new signature or do you want some tips on how to create a good signature for each situation? No worries, I will explain this later in this article. But first, let me explain how to change and add signatures in Outlook from browser and mobile devices. This is really important as changing your signature from the desktop app will not change the signature in your mobile app and web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc) 

How to add or change Signature in Outlook from your web browser

Do not worry if you do not have the Outlook app, you can create a nice signature from your web browser as well. Also, if you already have a signature and you do not like it, this section will explain how to change signature in Outlook. The first step to add an email signature is to go to settings, search for “sign” and select Email signature (as shown in the screenshot below). 


This will bring you to the Email signature section in Outlook (see screenshot below). Here, you can create your signature (or modify your current signature if you already have one). When you are using Outlook online instead of the app, you can only save one signature at the time. The Outlook app offers a great function to create and save multiple signatures, so I really recommend using the app from your PC or laptop if you have a Microsoft office subscription.

How to change signature in Outlook from the mobile app

If you are using the Outlook mobile app, you probably noticed that the text “Get Outlook for Android” Or “Get Outlook for iOS” is automatically added at the end of your email message. Guess what? This is the automatic signature created by the app at the end of your emails from mobile devices. Basically if you do not create your own Outlook email signature in your Outlook mobile app, Outlook will use this space to advertise its app! This is why it is very important to learn how to change signature in Outlook from your mobile app. 

To change your email signature from your Outlook mobile app, just click the menu or home button on the top left of the app. 

This will open a side menu. From there, select the menu button on the bottom left of the menu (as indicated in the screenshot below)

This will open a menu with a lot of options. From there just select “Signature”. From there you can change your Outlook email signature. It is not possible to change the font of your signature from the mobile app, so your signature will just be plain text.

Signature Get Outlook for Android

Why you should create a signature in Outlook from all your devices 

An annoying feature of email signatures in Outlook is that they are not shared between different devices. So if you created an email signature on your desktop app, this will not be visible on your mobile device and browser. This means that you will have to create different signatures (or save the same one) on all your devices. My suggestion to handle this is to create a set of nice email signatures on your Outlook desktop app, and copy and paste your standard formal signature to your browser and mobile app. As I previously explained, the mobile app does not allow you to personalize the font of your email signature, so I would not recommend using your mobile device to send formal emails. So again my advice is: use the Outlook app. If you do not yet have the Microsoft Office package, I would recommend to take a look at Godaddy’s email hosting plan. This plan offers a personalized email address and Microsoft Office for just a few dollars per month! Your email will look much more professional with a personalized domain!

Now that you know how to change a signature in Outlook when using Outlook on different devices, it is time to learn how to create a killing email signature for any situation!

Email signature size 

Before choosing a template, it is very important to decide on the right email signature size for your new signature. The reason I am suggesting this is that the correct email signature size depends on the size of the body text in your email message. In fact, your email signature should be the same size or smaller than the size of the body text of your email. Note that when you are creating your signature in Outlook, you can change the size of it by using the “Font size” button (shown in the picture below).

What is a good email signature size?

The first step to answering this question is to decide on a good font size for the body text of your email. The default font size of your Outlook email is 12 and there is a reason for it! A font size of 12 is big enough to be easy to read and it is small enough to fit a good amount of text in the email. As most people do not change this setting, the receiver will be forced to adjust the zoom when reading your email if you will change the font size of the body text of your email. At the end of the day, your users will fix the size of your font by zooming in or out. There is no real advantage to changing font size. It will just be more annoying for your readers!

That said, the important part is the ratio between the font size of your body text and signature. In fact, zooming in and out will not adjust the difference between the two. So what is a good email signature size when your body text is font size is 12? The answer is anything between 10 and 12! Probably the best option is to use 12 for your name and 11 or 10 for the extra information you will put such as your website and phone number. 

Where to find a Outlook signature template

As I always say, you do not need to reinvent the wheel! If your company has a standard Outlook signature template, just use it. It might look suspicious to your customers if everyone in your company is using the same email template and you are not! In case different people are using different email templates in your company, you are lucky enough to be allowed to choose your own signature. 

In this case, there is also no need to reinvent the wheel as Microsoft is offering a lot of nice free Outlook signature templates. To find them, just go to the official Outlook signature template page and select “Get template”.

Create an email signature from a template in Outlook

This will download a Word file with all the available templates. The only thing you need to do is choosing the one you like most and copy and paste it in the Outlook email signature (in the previous chapters, I already explained how to add a signature in Outlook and how to Change a signature in Outlook).

How to choose the right Outlook signature template for any situation 

If you already found some nice email signatures from the free Outlook signature templates, I only have one tip for you. If the Outlook signature template that you choose includes a link to Facebook, please link to the facebook page of your company and NOT to your own Facebook page. Having a link to your own Facebook page would look really unprofessional!

If you cannot choose between the Outlook signature templates that Microsoft offers, I would recommend to go with “Signature 1” ( in screenshot below). This signature is really simple but also very professional at the same time!

Example of signature in Outlook with a good font size

If you want to have an informal signature to use with your direct colleagues, consider just writing “Regards” or “Cheers” followed by your first name. Just make sure to not send this to customers and suppliers!


You now know how to add and change signatures in Microsoft Outlook from any of your devices. Your email signature will be your virtual business card, do not forget to link to your Linkedin account at the end of your signature. This will allow your business partners to read more details about you. Did you like this article? We have many more productivity tips for you, take a look at our productivity section to learn how to use emails and other tools to be more successful at work!