How Much does Adobe Premiere Pro Cost? Price and Free Trial

Premiere Pro is a video editing software produced by Adobe. Whether you are a professional or a videomaker to be, this is a must-learn software. If you don’t own a Premiere Subscription, you’re about to find out all you need. This guide is about Adobe Premiere Pro: price, subscription, free trial and more.

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  • Why purchase an Adobe Premiere Pro Subscription?
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Price, Subscription and Free Trial
    • How Much is Adobe Premiere: Free Trial
    • How Much is Adobe Premiere: Individuals Plan
    • How Much is Adobe Premiere: Students and Teachers Plan
    • How Much is Adobe Premiere: Business Owners Plan
  • Adobe Premiere Pro File Extension
  • Conclusion

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Why purchase an Adobe Premiere Pro Subscription?

Let’s assume that you’ve just spent the greatest holiday of your life, with your family. Your phone is filled with videoclips of yourself and your loved ones hiking or swimming in the ocean. Wouldn’t it be a waste to keep all that great stuff there, occupying the memory of your phone without a real purpose? Would you not rather put all your footage together and show them to friends and relatives during a party night? Well, let me tell you something. You’ve just landed on the right page! In fact, Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to do all of the above!

Adobe Premiere is a professional software that offers uncountable opportunities to enhance videos and create artistic products. It represents an incredible starting point for all beginners and a wonderful opportunity for all professionals that have been navigating the video editing world for years.

One of the best aspects of Adobe Premiere Pro is the usability of the software. Ideally, anyone could use it. In fact, it features great presets and basic transitions that all beginners will love and can easily use in their project, while expert users will create their own graphics and templates.

Obviously, using Adobe Premiere Pro on a professional level can take years. However, the flexibility of the software makes Premiere Pro a great product for a broad audience.

Adobe Premiere Pro: Price, Subscription and Free Trial

If you believe that Premiere Pro would suit your needs, and you’re wondering “how much is Adobe Premiere?”, you’re about to find out! In fact, we’re about to tell you everything you need to know.

In the next few paragraphs you’ll explore all the opportunities offered by Adobe. Keep in mind that Adobe comes up with new promotions for every period of the year. Whether it’s Easter or Christmas time, Black Friday or St. Patrick’s Day, Adobe will have a great deal to offer. For that reason, keep an eye on the website and get ready to take advantage of their incredible promotions!

How Much is Adobe Premiere: Free Trial

Yes, you can give it a try for FREE! You can have a look at Adobe Premiere Pro for FREE. Adobe wants all their customers to be happy and aware of what they’re about to purchase. At Adobe, they’re also very confident that the quality of their product is great. For that reason, they’re not afraid to let you try Adobe Premiere Pro for free. If you want to test Premiere Pro before subscribing, all you need to do is sign up for the 7 days free trial.

When you’ll be testing Adobe Premiere Pro, make sure to check out all transitions and animation available. And try to put together some easy projects, simply dragging your own videos into the timeline. You’ll get an idea on how easy it is to start working with this incredible software. One week will be more than enough for you to appreciate all features offered.

How Much is Adobe Premiere: Individuals Plan

The common Adobe Premiere Pro subscription can be purchased on the official Adobe website for US$20.99 per month. If you’re also interested in purchasing the whole Creative Collection by Adobe, you should probably consider the All Apps plan. The regular price of this plan is US$52.99 per month, but you always get to find great promotions on this. For example: right now, you’d only pay US$39.99 per month. Keep an eye on the official website to stay up to date with all Adobe promotions. These subscriptions are aimed to satisfy individuals, which means that business owners must subscribe to a different plan. Students and teachers can also take advantage of a different and even more convenient plan with a discount up to 70%

How Much is Adobe Premiere: Students and Teachers Plan

If you’re reading this, there’s a big chance that you’re a videomaker or you’re working on your skills to become one. If your dream job involves editing videos to create commercials, short movies, or videoclips, you must consider purchasing Adobe Premiere taking advantage of your student or teacher status. In fact, Adobe always offers its best offers to Students and Teachers. Students and Teachers have got a great opportunity to purchase the All Apps deal, that obviously also includes Adobe Premiere Pro. In fact, students and teachers can subscribe to the All Apps plan for a regular price of US$52.99 per month. Doesn’t seem very convenient, right? I know! But if you keep an eye on Adobe’s official website, you’ll notice that there’s always a good promotion and you’d never get to pay the regular price for this plan. Right now, for example, the All Apps plan would only cost US$15.99 per month to all students and teachers. Yeah, right US$15.99. Sounds a lot better! Just make sure to check this page to find out how much is Adobe Premiere Pro before purchasing it!

How Much is Adobe Premiere: Business Owners Plan

All business owners out there must keep in mind that Adobe never forgets about them. In fact, whether they’re looking for a Single App deal, or for the All Apps plan, business owners will always find great opportunities on Adobe’s website.

The regular cost of the Adobe Premiere Pro single app plan is US$33.99 per month and the regular price of the All Apps plan is US$79.99 per month. Obviously, you can also purchase Adobe’s subscriptions for a discounted price most of the time. For example, right now you’d pay US$59.99 per month for the All Apps subscription and US$24.99 per month for the Adobe Premiere Pro license.

All business owners out there must also be aware that the prices we’ve just shown above are per license. That means that if you want two people to work on different projects at the same time, you must purchase two different Premiere Pro subscriptions.

Adobe Premiere Pro File Extension

When you work with Adobe Premiere Pro, you produce PRPROJ files. This is the typical Adobe Premiere Pro project file. Ideally, the only way to open these files is to use Adobe Premiere.

As we said, PRPROJ are project files. That means, that once you’re happy with your project and you’re ready to render, you can export your video in more common formats, such as .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .avi.


We’ve just seen all the best plans offered by Adobe to purchase a Premiere Pro subscription. Make sure to check them all out and to pick the right one that better suits your needs.

Now, if you enjoyed this article, you must be passionate about video editing and you’re probably looking for a good way to approach it on a higher level. You must know that there’s no right age to do so. Some people start using Adobe Premiere Pro when they’re in their twenties, some other people would be beginners in their fifties. As long as you love what you do, you can do it any time, in any phase of your life. 

A lot of people out there stuff their phones with photos and videos. Most of those end up on social networks, but have they ever considered putting all of that together to obtain a great film of their lives?

Wouldn’t it be cool to wake up one day and to watch the movie of our life? I believe it would! And you know what? With Adobe Premiere Pro you can! And it’s also easy!

All you need to do is drag your videos in the right order into the timeline. You can then pick filters to make the clips prettier. You can also consider to add transitions, text and apply a bit of colour correction. It would be like working on a real movie, but this one would be your own film. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

If all of the above sounds like a dream and you really want to make it through, all you need to do is subscribe to Adobe Premiere Pro using this link.

Also, if you’re considering purchasing the All Apps plan, you must know that it contains over twenty incredible apps that allow you to work on multimedia files. In particular, the All Apps subscription gives you the opportunity to use Adobe Photoshop, which is the most famous photo editing software. Photoshop is an incredible software that all professionals use to edit photos and you should really check it out. Find out more about How Much Does Photoshop Cost? Price, Subscription and Free App.