Is Adobe Spark Free? Adobe Spark Pricing and Free Trial

Adobe Spark is a simple and nice app developed by Adobe. The app gives you uncountable opportunities to create incredible and brand focused graphics for your website and social networks. In this guide, you’ll find Adobe Spark cost, free trial and more.

Why purchase Adobe Spark?

You can create your own brand profile, uploading your logo and selecting your brand’s colours. Then, Adobe Spark will show you all the best templates and presets to generate nice graphics, posts and content for your own web pages and profiles.

Adobe Spark gives you uncountable alternatives to make your brand great with no effort on a graphic level.

  • Adobe Spark: Price, Subscription and Free Trial
    • How Much is Adobe Spark: Starter Plan
    • How Much is Adobe Spark: Individual Plan
    • How Much is Adobe Spark: Team Plan
  • Conclusion

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Adobe Spark: Cost, Subscription and Free Trial

When it comes to purchasing Adobe Spark, there are different deals available. Whether you’re just a beginner, you’re going to work by yourself or in a team, there’s always the right plan for you. We’re about to go through all of them, one by one.

Adobe Spark Free Starter Plan

You know what? You’re not going to believe it. So, I’m telling you, it is true. The Starter plan of Adobe Spark is Free. Yeah, you just read it right. Adobe Spark, FREE.

And not for a limited amount of days. Adobe Spark is free, forever. As we said, it’s a starter plan. That means that the functions offered are limited, but still great. If you’re not looking for a professional use of the software and the budget is your major concern, you really want to give this a go. You’ll find thousands of free images and icons to pick for creating your own designs. This is an incredible opportunity. Take advantage of it!

How Much is Adobe Spark: Individual Plan

The Individual Plan of Adobe Spark is another nice surprise. In fact, there are so many features that come with this deal! You’ll be able to use premium templates to create incredible designs, to personalise your projects with customised graphics and to access the Adobe Fonts library to give your personal touch to your work.

And this is not it, let’s now talk about the cost of all of the above. Adobe offers all individuals the opportunity to use Adobe Spark for FREE for their first 14 days. Once again, you read it right. Adobe Spark, FREE for the first 14 days!

This way, you’ll know if you’re happy with it, or if it is too much. Perhaps, after 14 days you could also consider downgrading to the FREE Adobe Spark Starter plan. After that FREE period, the Individual plan only cost US$9.99 per month, which still is a great price if we consider all features available!

If you plan to use more than just one Adobe product, you should consider buying the Adobe creative Cloud package. This will give you access to all the Adobe products such as Photoshop and Premiere for a very convenient price.

Adobe Spark Team Plan pricing

Adobe Spark Team Plan is a great deal for companies. First of all, let’s be clear. It contains the same features as the Individual Plan. The great advantage of this subscription is that you get to manage multiple users under one account. It also gives you the opportunity to collaborate on projects. That means that you’ll all see all changes and updates on projects and will be able to work on your own edits. The other members of your team will get real time updates. This plan costs US$19.99 per month and let me tell you something… if you’re trying to take the big step into the social media world, that money is totally worth it!


Adobe Spark is the real deal if you’re trying to make the difference online. It gives you the great opportunity to enhance your social content, maximizing the results with minimum effort. And the greatest part of all of this is that you can start using Adobe Spark for FREE with the Starter Plan! Obviously, it would have limited functions, but if you think those are not enough, you still have a chance to test the Individual plan for FREE for 14 days. That should be enough time to figure out whether you should buy a subscription or simply enjoy the thousands of free images and icons available in the Starter Plan. If you want to learn all features of Adobe Spark, check the official website.