How Many Pages is 1000 Words Text? Examples and Free Tools

Sometimes you get assigned a project, an essay, or an article to write and you’re given a certain number of words. You shouldn’t go over that, but it’s not easy to organise your story without knowing how many pages you are supposed to write. For example, let’s assume that you’re told to write a one-thousand word story. How many pages are you supposed to write for that?

Obviously, there’s no correct answer here. It depends on the font and the size of text you’re using. However, to give you an idea of the length of this number of words, we could consider some of the most common fonts.

How Many Pages is 1000 Word Essay in Arial?

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Let’s start with Arial, a very common font used for essays and long texts. Let’s also assume that you’ve been using a medium size, 12. In this case, the number of pages that you need to write for one thousand words is just over 2.

However, if you reduce the font size to 11, the length of your text would drop to less than two pages or, specifically, 1.8.

Now, let’s find out how many pages is 1000 words, double spaced text in Arial. When it comes to double spaced text, it’s very important to keep in mind that it won’t duplicate the length of your text, but it will still make it slightly longer. In a specific case, of using Arial with a font size of 12, one thousand words will be almost 4 pages of text.

However, if you decrease the size of the text to 11, your essay will be 3 pages long.

At this point, I’m sure you have an idea on how this works, but just to give you one more example, I’ll explain how many pages a 2000 words text in Arial size 12 would be.

It would cover about 4 and a half pages.

Convert Words to Pages

Now, you might be wondering if there’s a tool that easily converts a certain, hypothetical number of words into pages for you for free. The answer? Yes!

There is a very easy online tool called Words To Pages that does the job for you. In fact, as you can see in the image below, you only need to decide the number of words, the font, the font size and the spacing.

The tool will instantly convert this data into a number that represents the number of pages your text will cover. 

Words to Pages allows does this for only a few, very common fonts. In fact, you must keep in mind that every single font is a different size.

Words to Pages can predict the length of Arial, Calibri, Comic Sans MS, Courier, Times New Roman and Verdana.

Even though the number of fonts is limited to six, they are the most common ones and it’s very unlikely that you’ll be using a different font to write your essay.


You’ve just learned how many pages is 1000 words essay using Arial. Even better, though, you were introduced to a free tool that would estimate the length of your text in advance, giving you an indication of how many pages you need to write according to the font, the font size and the spacing you want to use.

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