How can I produce my home podcast? (for beginners)

Almost everyday we receive emails from users asking “How can I start my home podcast?”. Well, since you were a lot, we decided to write a piece about the topic, to inform everyone interested in the podcast world.

A home podcast is nothing but a radio show available anytime online on different platforms, such as Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify.

What is the purpose of a podcast?

Nowadays podcasts are accessible and easy to listen anytime: when you’re on the bus, driving home or working out at the gym. Producing them is not complicated and if you pick the right topic, building a real fanbase won’t take a long time at all!

So, why starting a podcast? Because, it could become your remote job! You might be able to find sponsors and put ads in it! But maybe, before considering all of this, the real reason for starting a podcast is the fun. Making your own show will be very enjoyable and watching it grow will be super satisfying!

How can I produce my home podcast?

podcast microphone

 This is the right question. Unfortunately, being a great speaker won’t be enough. Assuming you’ll be working on this project alone, it’s going to take some effort. Unless, you try one of those new podcast production services. They are very simple and powerful and they will allow you to maintain high standards. Make sure to have the right equipment to run your podcast. Do not worry about the price, it can be really cheap to buy podcast equipment. If you are a started, you can even find nice equipment on Aliexpress for an incredibly cheap price. If you plan to buy headphones, you can take a look at our review of the best headphones to make a podcast.

Podcast Production Services

There are professional software to produce your home podcast, like Adobe Audition. However, if you’re a beginner, it’s definitely better to put your focus on content and key elements such as background music and intro theme. The easiest way to produce a podcast is to use one of those online podcast production services:

The main online service to produce your home podcast remotely nowadays is probably Zencastr. It allows you to easily record shows with virtual guests, ready to go live straight forward after the recording session. Zencastr offers a simple interface and it’s very well made, but as usual, we have a Free Version and a Premium Version of the software. Let’s find out differences, pro and cons.

Podcast production service instructions

As we can see in the image, the Free version of Zencastr, aimed to hobbyists, as its name suggests, is made to suit those users that are not in need to record more than three speakers at the same time. In the Ad it says “Up to Two Guests”, well… don’t forget to count the host! In terms of hours, the Free version offers up to 8 hours of recordings per month, in MP3 High quality. 

As extra, you could decide to pay for an automatic Postproduction. I used the Free version of Zencastr for quite some time before upgrading it, and I have to say that never a problem occurred to me. It’s only a matter of how many episodes you’re going to record every month and how many guests you’re going to have!

 production service

The Professional version of Zencastr is just great. Everything is unlimited: hours of recording and guests. 10 hours of free post production, record in WAV format and a really interesting soundboard that will help you to add some catchy sounds during the production.

The first period you always get to try all the features of the Professional version of this amazing podcast production service. Make sure to explore all of them to figure out what would better suit your needs when producing your episodes!
You can find more information on podcast editing services in this article.

Find guests for your home podcast

guest for your podcast

Even if your guests are on the other side of the world, recording a home podcast won’t be an issue. Make sure that they have a good wifi connection and it will be OK. The difficult part is finding someone keen to talk to you for the whole length of a podcast! Finding podcast guests is never an easy thing, mostly when you’re about to start and have no traffic and reliability. For the first few episodes use your connections’ web to find people. Don’t take it too seriously, just make sure to pick the right topic and ask the right questions. Your goal will be to to increase your popularity online, episode by episode. At that point you’ll get to invite podcast guests with an online authority and things will become smoother.

In Conclusion


You should start your own podcast, because it will be fun, it will be a great experience, but most of all, it might become your dream job. Follow our guides and it won’t take long for you to figure out how to make money out of your show… I promise. Just work hard and be patient!