Grammarly: Free Grammar Check on Microsoft Word and Google Docs

Grammarly is an online grammar examiner that also includes the style, tone, and clarity. In grammar checks, you can notice formal grammar problems, excessive passive speech, inappropriate expressions, bad words, etc. It provides real-time suggestions for improving your writing and runs on a variety of platforms. Grammarly products ensure that all sentences you enter are accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar and clear, persuasive, and easy to read. Grammar suggestions can help you identify complex sentences, replace them with more efficient ones, change repetitive words, and reinforce sentences conveying your true feelings.

How does Grammarly work?

Using Grammarly is easy. When you add it to your browser or download it to your device and enable it, the AI system automatically analyzes your text and flags any words, phrases, or texts that need to be corrected or improved. Red and yellow underlines where improvements are needed, making it easier to find the wrong word or phrase or the word or phrase that needs improvement (yellow underlines issues requiring advanced functionality only available for Premium or business accounts). In addition, depending on the type of account you have, they will suggest you a better choice of words and sentence structure to improve your writing skills while improving the quality of your content.

Grammarly Features

Grammarly scans text and uses artificial intelligence to identify text errors, errors, and other problems. These tools are included.

  • Grammar and punctuation

Grammarly detects all types of grammar and punctuation errors in the files. It also gives real-time instructions and guidelines to fix these errors, including commas, apostrophes, and other basic punctuation mistakes.

  • Spell check

Grammarly includes powerful spell-checking tools. You can add words to a custom dictionary or create a custom style guide in the business version.

  • Readability

Grammar scans unnatural sentences, paragraphs, and sentences. Find the appropriate age group for your text sample. Flag readability issues based on the following:

  • Word count
  • Number of characters
  • Reading time
  • Speaking time
  • Using AI technology, we propose a more concise and easier-to-read rewrite.
  • Lighting style
  • Grammar proposes and rewrites word selection based on the ideal reader layer and tone determined by the writer.
  • Lighting Assistant

Grammarly has a lighting assistant with AI. The assistant scans the text and makes corrections and suggestions, so you can click to accept or reject them.

  • Edit Report

Grammarly allows you to download reports that you can send to other writers and editors. This report provides metrics and information for other writers and editors to improve their writing.

  • Plagiarism check

Grammatical Lee detects plagiarism by comparing sentences with billions of web pages on the web. A plagiarism score is displayed, and a link is provided that the editor can check.

  • Engagement

Grammarly checks for hard-to-understand and worn-out words in the text and highlights them in green. It also checks for unnatural sentences. Use this report to improve your writing by finding better synonyms.

  • Delivery

Grammar reviews sentences based on your preferred tone and audience. The problem is highlighted in purple. I didn’t get much value from this report.

  • Style

Grammar reviews sentences based on your company’s style guide. The problem points are highlighted in gray.

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How to use Grammarly in Google Docs?

Google Docs has its spelling examiner, but it’s not as extensive as Grammarly. Till late 2020, Grammarly for Google Docs was a beta feature only for premium users. Now it can be practiced by anyone, free or paid. Here’s how.


Unlike the Word app, Grammarly does not have its own Google Docs program. Instead, Grammarly Editor for Chrome is provided, which automatically adds suggestions to Google Docs.

Configuration Method

After installing the Chrome addition, open any Google Docs document. An icon appears in the bottom right edge. The Grammarly check is always performed, but the suggestion is displayed only when you click the icon. You can also adjust the text goal from the sidebar.

See the cow eye icon in the top right and update it to satisfy your readers, formal, domain, tone, and intent.

How to use Grammarly in Word?

Grammarly’s editor is much more powerful than Microsoft’s native spelling checker. Indeed, Grammarly mentions errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. But not only that, by improving the style and writing more clearly, you can make a clean and compelling sentence.

And adding Grammarly to Word is very easy. Let me show you how.


Microsoft Word and Outlook have dedicated apps for Grammarly. To connect Grammarly for Word on a Windows computer, obey the steps below.

  • Log in 
  • Establish the Grammarly for Microsoft Office 
  • Add it to the office
  • Operate the installer wizard
  • Once the installer is complete, Grammarly will appear in your Microsoft app. Open Word to launch the grammar tool. If the program is already open, you must restart the program (not the computer).

So what about Mac?

If you are practicing Word on Mac OS, here is how to prepare the Grammarly add-on.

  • Open Microsoft Word.
  • Open the Insert menu.
  • Get Add-ins Select “or “Store.”
  • Type Grammarly in the search field.
  • When the list is found, click Add.

The Grammarly tab is now added to word, making it a grammar correction tool for all documents.


Learn how to enable Grammarly in Word after installing the app.

  • First, open a fresh text. The add-in will emerge automatically when the installation is finished.
  • The top menu shows the Grammarly tab. Click the “Enable Grammarly” button to display the issues in the Word document in real-time.
  • The Open Grammarly button appears, and when you click it, the Grammarly sidebar appears. Here you can install your typing aims, choose the kinds of mistakes you need the Text Checker to look for, and turn the Plagiarism Checker on or off.

Here’s a look at pricing for Grammarly in 2021:

  • The Grammarly Premium subscription is $30 per month.
  • Grammarly Premium Quarterly Subscription is $60
  • Grammarly Premium has an annual subscription of $144.
  • You can also try the accessible version of Grammarly before upgrading.

Grammarly Free Plan Services

You want to avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes, confusing grammar problems, and incorrect punctuation no matter what you write. In such cases, you can use the accessible version of Grammarly to find and fix various mistakes. You can save time and protect your credibility while making sure your sentences give the right impression.

Moreover, the free version is not only that. Friendly in conversations with colleagues, but not too casual, so when you ask someone for help, you anxiously, but not angry, the Grammarly tone detector can make your sentences as you want. A tone detector can analyze your words, phrases, and punctuation to ensure that your text accurately communicates what you want to say.

The Grammarly free plan also includes “conciseness” suggestions to tighten loose phrases. 


Grammarly supports popular word processors such as Word and Google Docs. There are native desktop programs, mobile apps, and browser extensions that check your online writing. In Grammarly Insights, you can receive comments and notes to help improve your writing style. This regular feedback focuses on three things: your activity (the total number of words per week), your level of mastery (the number of errors you’ve corrected using Grammarly for the total number of words you wrote), and your vocabulary (the number of unique words you’ve used). In addition, it can be compared with other Grammarly users, which can also increase motivation. Some tools are available only to premium users, but I think Grammarly pricing is reasonable.