GoDaddy Email Hosting review: Pricing, Essentials, Plans and Office 365

With more than 18,000,000 users and 9,000 employees, Godaddy is one of the biggest (and top quality) domain, email and web hosting companies in the world. Godaddy offers personalized email addresses and hosting services for a great price! 

In this article I will explain anything you need to know about:

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Introduction to personalized email address with Godaddy hosting

Before going into the details of the email hosting services offered by Godaddy, it is important to understand what a personalized email address is, as this is really important for online businesses. 

A personalized email address is an email address with your domain name in it. In our case, since we are the owners of, our personalized email address is Such a personalized email address gives your business much more credibility than an typical email account (take a look here if you want to create a free email account with gmail). Would you trust an email from your bank if the email address would be Of course not! In the same way, your customers will not trust you if you do not have a personalized email address.

There are many ways to get a personalized email address (for example via Google email or Outlook). Do you have a Microsoft 365 subscription or do you plan to purchase it for as little as $6.99? Then I have good news for you, that already includes a personalized email address!

However, if you landed on this page, you probably already have a website hosted on Godaddy (or you are considering doing this) and you also want to get an email address with your Godaddy hosting service. 

Is getting an personalized email address with your Godaddy hosting service a good idea? The answer is absolutely yes!!!

Godaddy email hosting is great and it comes with one of the cheapest prices on the market! Let’s now go through the available Godaddy email hosting plans and learn how to set up your personalized email with Godaddy.

Lady doing Godaddy email setup

Godaddy email hosting: pricing and plans

Godaddy offers domains and hosting at a very competitive price. Godaddy’s plans are even more competitive if you get a complete package with Godaddy email and website hosting. Of course, if you are looking for an even more complete package, you can also get managed WordPress and Microsoft Office directly with your Godaddy account. 

I really recommend getting a complete package on Godaddy as it is really handy to have all your online properties (websites, emails, domains etc..) in the same location. Godaddy email hosting is also very safe. Your data is well protected and Godaddy will not use or access your personal data! Godaddy email hosting is based on Outlook (Microsoft). This is great as it can be easily integrated with all Microsoft tools (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc..). 

If you do not need to purchase a domain or a website on GoDaddy, I would not recommend to use GoDaddy only to get a personalized email address with GoDaddy email hosting. In this case, I would recommend you to subscribe to Microsoft 365 and use the personalized email address included in the basic $6.99 Microsoft 365 plan

Godaddy email hosting Essentials plan: pricing and functionalities

The Email Essentials plan is the entry level Godaddy email hosting plan. This is the entry level plan, but it already offers pretty much anything you need from an email hosting service. 

Godaddy email hosting Essentials plan offers:

  • A personalized domain for your email (e.g.
  • 10GB storage space for your emails, contacts and calendars
  • 400 email aliases 
  • Your data will be synced in your devices 

The price for Godaddy email hosting Essentials plan is normally $5.99 per month. However, you can get a discount for your first year and only pay $1.99 per month! To be honest, you will not easily find another reliable email hosting offering such low prices. Godaddy can afford offering competitive prices thanks to the fact that they are very big and successful (or maybe they are big and successful because of their great prices?). 

Godaddy email hosting Plus plan: pricing and functionalities

The main difference between the Godaddy hosting email basic plan and the Plus plan is storage space. In fact, Godaddy email hosting Plus plan offers 50GB storage splace instead of 10. The Plus plan costs $6.99 per month. As for the Essentials plan, you will get a discount and only pay $3.99 per month for the first year. Considering the good discount of your first year, GoDaddy email hosting plus plan is surely good value for money!

 Godaddy email hosting Business Premium plan: pricing and functionalities

The Godaddy hosting Premium Plan offers the complete Microsoft Office 365 package  (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, One Note and OneDrive) on top of an email hosting service with 50GB space (the same as the Email Plus plan). Godaddy email hosting Business Premium plan costs $15.99 per month. 

This might not sound particularly expensive. However, if you are a private user, you can get pretty much the same by purchasing a Microsoft 365 subscription for just $6.99 per month. As I already explained, Microsoft 365 subscription also offers a free personalized email address. If you are a company and not a private user, Godaddy email hosting Business Premium plan becomes much more convenient as Microsoft 365 for business is more expensive than the one for private users and families.

To summarize: 

Godaddy email setup on your PC and mobile

Worplace using Godaddy hosting email

You now have a Godaddy email subscription and want to start sending emails. You can immediately access your email in your Godaddy account. However, it is much handier to set up your Godaddy email address on your laptop, PC, phone and tablet to directly get your emails without having to log in to your Godaddy account every time. In this section, I will explain how to read your emails from your Godaddy account and how to do Godaddy email setup on your browser, PC and mobile. 

Accessing your email from your Godaddy account

This is surely the easiest way to access your Godaddy email hosting service. Just log in to your Godaddy account, find “Email & Office” and click on the “Sign in” button (see screenshot below).

This will bring you to the Office 365 login page. Just fill in your email address and password to log into your Office 365 space. At this point, you just need to click on the Outlook icon to enter your email box. You can read and send your emails from there. 

TIP: Outlook automatically divides emails in “Focused” and “Other”. Do not forget to take a look at both folders to see all your emails.

Godaddy Outlook

Godaddy Email setup on your PC

Reading your email directly from your Godaddy account is not really efficient. Opening your Godaddy account every time you want to read your emails will consume valuable time and you will not receive email push notification. To overcome this issue, you should set up your Godaddy email address on the email software on your PC. 

Set-up Godaddy email on the Windows Mail app

Windows offers a free Mail app. By setting up your Godaddy email in your Windows email app, you will receive push notifications and see your emails directly on your PC without having to use your web browser. Let’s see how to do Godaddy Email setup on your Windows Mail app.

Search for Mail in your Windows search bar. If you see the Mail app (as in screenshot below), open it. If the Mail app is not there, just click on “mail” in the store section and download it for free. 

Godaddy Mail setup windows

If you do not have any account setup yet in Mail, you will be automatically redirected to the page to set-up a new account. If you already have an account setup in Mail, just click “Accounts” and then “New account” to get ready to set up your Godaddy email account.

Select “Other account POP, IMAP” (as in screenshot below)

Other account

This will open the popup where you need to fill in your email address, name and password. Just fill in your data (as in screenshot below) and click “Sign in”.

Godaddy personalized email setup

This was it! Your Godaddy email setup is complete on your PC. You can now send and receive emails directly from your Mail app without having to go to your browser.

Godaddy Email setup on your Mobile phone or tablet

You can set up your Godaddy email address on many different apps on your mobile device. In my opinion, the best option here is to use the build in email service of your operating system. This means Gmail for Android and the iOS Mail app for iOS devices. If you prefer the Outlook interface, you can of course set up your Godaddy email address on Outlook. This also works really well as Godaddy hosting is based on Outlook. I will now explain how to do Godaddy email setup on your mobile device using Gmail, iOS mail and Outlook. Choose the one you prefer!

Godaddy Email setup on Gmail for Android phones and tablets

You can follow these steps to set up your Godaddy email address on Gmail

  1. Open Gmail
  2. Open the Gmail menu (top left button and tap “Settings” in the bottom of the menu)
Gmail settings for godaddy email on moibile device
  1. This will open the list of email accounts you have on your Gmail app. Tap “Add account”
  2. This will open a menu as in the screenshot below. Select “Exchange and Office 365”
setup email go daddy
  1. This will bring you to the Godaddy/Office 365 login page. Just fill in your email address and password and tap “Sign In”

Congratulations!! You completed the Godaddy email address setup with Gmail. You can now find your Godaddy email address together with all your other email addresses in Gmail. Just tap the top right round button and select your email address to open your Godaddy email address in Gmail.

Godaddy Email setup on Mail for iOS phones and tablets

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can set up your Godaddy email address by following these easy steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iOS device (see icon below)
settings go daddy email
  1. Go to Settings, tap “Passwords & Accounts” and Choose “add account”
  2. Select “Other” as the account type
  3. Tap “Add Mail account” and fill in your details (Name, Email and Password)
  4. Select IMAP
  5. Fill in “” as the host name in the INCOMING mail server:
  6. Fill in “” as the host name in the OUTGOING mail server:
  7. If needed, fill in again your username and password and click “Next”

Congratulations, you successfully installed your Godaddy email on your iOS device. Open the Mail app in your iOS device to start using your Godaddy email address

Godaddy Email setup on Outlook for iOS and Android devices

If you prefer using Outlook, you can set up your Godaddy email in the Outlook app. These instructions are valid for both Android and iOS devices. Before setting up your Godaddy email in Outlook, make sure to have the Outlook app on your mobile devices. If you do not have it yet, you can download it for free from the Play Store (for Android) or the App store (for iOS).

You can follow these steps to do the Godaddy email setup in Outlook:

  1. Open the main menu in Outlook (tap the icon on the top left of the app)
  2. Click the icon in the screenshot below to add a new account
  1. Tap Add Mail Account 
  2. Type your Godaddy email account and then tap “Add Account”
  3. Fill in your password, display name and, if you want, the description
  4. Click “Sign in”

These were the steps to set up your Godaddy email address in Outlook. You can now use your Godaddy email address from your Outlook app.

Godaddy email marketing

Godaddy email marketing

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that uses emails to connect to users to promote products. Email marketing should be a very important part of any marketing campaign strategy! If this is not part of your current marketing campaign, you should definitely take action. A good free tool to start email marketing is Mailchimp. You can use this tool to send mails to many different recipients at the same time! Take a look at our article and learn how to use this for free!

Godaddy also offers great email marketing tools. If you have your personalized email address on Godaddy email hosting, you should really consider buying Godaddy email marketing services on top of it. Godaddy has three email marketing plans to choose from, let’s take a look at what they offer and their pricing.

Godaddy email marketing Beginner plan

The Godaddy email marketing beginner plan offers everything you need to run a campaign with up to 500 subscribers and 5,000 emails per month. This is the ideal plan for small businesses and I would recommend it to anyone that is starting a small marketing campaign with Godaddy. Below you can find the list of features that Godaddy email marketing Beginner plan offers:

  • Up to 500 subscribers
  • Add more anytime
  • Send up to 5,000 emails/month
  • Single signup form 
  • Basic image storage 
  • Professional templates
  • Mobile-friendly designs
  • Unsubscribe handling 
  • Works with Facebook, Etsy & More

The basic plan normally costs 9.99 euros per month. However, it is often discounted up to 50%. You can take a look at Godaddy’s website to see the current price!

Godaddy email marketing Up & Running plan

This plan will allow you to handle up to 2,500 subscribers and to send up to 25,000 emails per month. This plan normally costs 14.99 euros per month, but as for all Godaddy email marketing plans, it is often discounted up to 50%. Here you can find the functions that Godddy email marketing Up and Running has to offer:

  • Up to 2,500 subscribers
  • Add more anytime
  • Send up to 25,000 emails/month
  • Unlimited signup forms 
  • Unlimited image storage 
  • Professional templates
  • Mobile-friendly designs
  • Unsubscribe handling 
  • Works with Facebook, Etsy & More
  • Automated email campaigns 
  • Converts blog posts to email
  • Unsubscribe options 

Godaddy email marketing Pro plan

Godaddy email marketing pro plan is a professional plan that allows you to have up to 5,000 subscribers and 50,000 emails per month. You need to run massive email marketing campaigns to make this plan convenient. So I would only recommend you to choose the Pro plan if you really think you will have 5,000 subscribers. The price of the pro plan is 29.99 euros per month. This is not cheap, but I am sure you will not mind this price if you are running an email marketing campaign big enough for this plan.

The verdict

Now you know everything about Godaddy email pricing for hosting and marketing campaigns. You also learned how to set up your Godaddy email account. Did you know that Google also offers great email accounts? Take a look at our article to see how to open and set up an email address with Google.