FREE Photoshop App for Your Smartphone

When it comes to photo editing, Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard. There are many alternatives, but none of them can match the power and versatility that Adobe has created over the years. Not only does Photoshop allow you to edit photos in a variety of ways, but it also allows you to create your images from scratch. Luckily for you, there’s an app available for Android devices that lets you enjoy these same features on your phone or tablet.

The Simple Definition

A Photoshop app is software that enables users to edit and manipulate images. The term Photoshop has been widely used as a verb but may also refer to the actual program itself or its file format (.psd). There are many types of Photoshop apps available on mobile devices for free download in various marketplaces.

Features of a Photoshop App

A Photoshop app is popular because it allows users to manipulate photos in ways that would otherwise require a photo editing program like Photoshop or Illustrator. The basics of any Photoshop app include cropping, resizing, and rotating photographs. Some advanced features may also be available such as changing the color, saturation, and contrast of an image.

Photoshop App on Android

Photoshop Express is one of the best apps for photo editing found in the Android Market. It has some pretty nice features,  filters, and special effects, which are not available in any other free photo editor app.

To start using this fantastic photo editing tool, open up an image stored in your gallery or take a new one. Now you are ready to edit it with Photoshop Express.

Here you can apply one of the available filters, change brightness and contrast or crop your image according to your needs. There are also some other features like sharpening, red-eye removal, and straightening an image which makes this app great for both beginners and advanced users who want more than the usual photo editing app.

You can save your edited image or share it on Facebook and Twitter right from within Photoshop Express.

Photoshop App on an iPhone

Photoshop is a famous graphics tablet that helps you create incredible images. Now, there’s an app for your iPhone called Adobe Photoshop Fix. To use Photoshop on your iphone you need to install Adobe Fix.

Once installed, simply launch the app and choose which image you want to edit. You can also shoot a photo inside the app if you wish. Then, you can use the app to edit the picture on your iphone.

How the App’s Interface Is Set Up

A Photoshop app interface typically contains a toolbar for quick access to filters and tools, an image viewer with basic editing options such as crop or resize. There will also be a layers panel in more advanced apps where you can add multiple images together by stacking them on top of each other in the same file.

Editing Tools in a Photoshop App

Photoshop apps are a great way to edit and create your images. It has various editing tools that you can use either as a beginner or advanced user. Here is a list of some photo-editing skills:

Curves – allow you to get more control over your images and adjust the contrast, gamma, or brightness.

Hue/Saturation – allows you to edit colors by shifting them towards different color hues. The saturation setting will affect how vivid those colors are.

Smudge Tool – used for softening areas such as skin imperfections or removing objects from a picture.

Blur Tool – blur out the background of a photo to make your subject stand out more or blurring objects for artistic effect. 

Lasso Tool – allows you to select and cut out objects in a photo so that they can be moved around or used in another image. 

Layer Mask – allows you to edit layers by either hiding or showing parts of the layer below. This is very useful for bringing out specific details on an object without making any permanent changes to the picture.

Brush Tool – allows you to paint in and edit specific areas of a photo. This is useful when you want to add small details, such as adding color back into an old black-and-white portrait or drawing attention towards something in your image.

Tutorials for Learning the Photoshop App 

The best way to learn a Photoshop app is through any of these training platforms. They have a list of tutorials on how to set up preferences, navigate tools, and select options. This is useful if you don’t know where to start but want some guidance.


The software has a straightforward interface and is easy to use, so even beginners will have no problem working with it. Moreover, it comes for free, making it perfect for people who don’t want to spend too much money.