FREE Online Audio Converter: We tested the Best 9 Converters Available

In this article, we’re showing you some of the best FREE online audio converters that you could find online. The audio converters presented in this article are tested, and they satisfy some standards such as good usability, high performances, and top-notch quality product delivery.

If you’re looking for a FREE tool to convert audio tracks, you are in a good spot. Enjoy this reading!

What is an Audio Converter?

An audio converter is a tool that helps you to convert the format of an audio track into another type of audio file.

Why would you need an Audio Converter?

Sometimes, some of your audio tracks might be saved in an obsolete or weird format, so you are not able to play them on your phone or laptop. For this reason, an Online Audio Converter would come to the rescue, converting those files into some “readable” tracks for your devices

Let’s assume that you’ve just found your old laptop and it contains a lot of files that you’d like to be able to play. You save them on a USB stick and then find out that, unfortunately, your new and very expensive computer can’t play those, as their format is very old and obsolete. 

One example of these audio formats is WMA. WMA, that stays for Windows Media Audio, is an old audio format that used to be played using Windows Media Player in the early ‘00s.

Nowadays, playing WMA files (but not only those!!!) can be a real pain unless you find the right tool. An ideal tool would be an online audio converter to Mp3, that would give you the opportunity to generate a file that your computer will be able to play.

If lately you’ve had an issue like the one described above, please don’t give up and keep reading. You’re about to find out how to convert your old audio files into usable formats.

How to choose the best Audio Converter?

Picking the right service might be a real nightmare, as there are many factors to consider, such as usability, quality of the product, and, of course, reliability. It’s a common thing to bump into websites that offer an Audio Converting service, but then, they end up being scams. That’s not what Job Wherever’s experts want for you. For that reason, we’ve tested for you some of these Audio Converters, and we’re now about to present you the best of the best. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the 9 Best FREE Online Audio Converters

You could find it online!

123 Apps

123 Apps is a collection of Free web apps that includes a video converter, an audio cutter, PDF tools, and many more. The collection also features a handy online audio converter. This tool is very well projected and allows you to import audio tracks in different ways: from a file, Google Drive, Dropbox, or pasting a URL. This way, not only can you convert an audio file, but you can also extract the music from a video. Let’s go a bit deeper into the conversion procedure now.

Firstly, you have to import the file you want to convert. Mind, you can also convert batches of files all in one, which is a very nice feature. 

Secondly, you are asked to pick the format you want to convert your file(s) to. That could be mp3, wav, m4a, flac, or many more. 

Then, it is time to pick the quality of the converted file. To not lose quality, you should try to match the same quality of the source, which in this case is the file you’ve previously imported. During this part of the process, you also get to choose to export the new track with some fading in the intro or outro, or you could export the entire track reversed. 

Finally, it’s time to hit “Convert” and wait until the track is ready to be downloaded.

The quick, easy, and good final product. This tool works great as an audio converter, but also as a video to audio converter: no major hiccups, high usability, and interesting features.

online converter for audio files

Landing on, we come across another collection of tools. We have an Ebook converter, an image converter, and more… We also have an audio converter.  The graphics offered by this website are fundamental but don’t stop in front of them, as the usability of this tool is pretty good, and the final product is good quality. You can import audio tracks from the file(s), Dropbox, and Google Drive. Or you can also enter a URL, using the tool as a video to audio converter. After importing the tracks, you have a few optional settings, such as changing the audio bitrate, changing the sampling rate, changing the audio channels, and trimming audio. can convert audio files to different formats; the main ones are Flac, M4A, mp3, Wav, and WMA. After hitting “Start Conversion,” you’re ready to download. Easy procedure and top-quality results. If you’re looking for an easy tool, this might be the one. A perfect audio converter to Mp3 that lacks a few advanced options, but if you’re looking for simplicity… you are more than welcome!

Online UniConverter

 uni converter

Online UniConverter is a photo, video, and audio converter online. It also works perfectly as a video to audio converter. You can convert big batches of files, and it takes no time to upload the file(s) to process. Unfortunately, you can only import files from a folder on your pc so, no Dropbox and Google Drive files supported. But, if you’re looking for a high-speed converter of big batches of files, you probably are in a good spot now! Online UniConverter also offers a Windows and Mac downloadable collection of its tools. 

JS Audio Converter

js audio converter

JS Audio Converter is a simple tool, useful to converter files one by one. Using JS Audio Converter is very easy; in fact, you only need to import the file into the software and then pick the format to convert the audio track into. The available formats to pick are: mp3, Wav, OGG, M4A, Flac, …. JA Audio Converter also offers a few interesting options. You can select the quality of your final product, set the sampling rate, and decide you want to obtain a mono or a stereo track. In the last step, you only need to click on “Convert” and wait until the job is done. Once the converted track is ready, you can download it on your computer, and the job is done!

audio conversion tool is probably the easiest FREE online Audio converter you could find out there. It simply requires you to import the file to convert from your computer, OneDrive, Dropbox, or a URL. This converter also offers the option of trimming the audio track at the beginning, and in the end, which might be very helpful. Then, you will only need to hit “Start Conversion” and the converter will do the job for you. At the end of the process, you are only required to download the final audio track, and that’s it! The audio formats supported by the tool are mp3, Wav, WMA, OGG, Flac, and many more.

The Online Audio Converter offered by is a simple but very effective tool. This audio converter offers three main options you can change the sample rate of the track; you can change the channels to have it mono or stereo, or you can change the bitrate. This tool also offers the opportunity of importing audio files from Dropbox and Google Drive. Be aware, is a very basic audio converter that doesn’t work with batches of files. If you only need to convert an audio file into mp3, WMA, mp4, Wav, or OGG, this converter will do the job.

convert audio online is a big Converters’ collection. It includes a simple and interesting audio converter. This is the easiest converter to use among those presented in this article. The tool allows you to import batches of local files, but also audio tracks from Dropbox, Google Drive, and the web. You can convert files into all the main formats, such as mp3, Wav, WMA, OGG, Flac, M4A…. you only have two options available here. Specifically, you can change the audio bitrate and the sample rate of the tracks. After hitting “Convert Now!” your audio files will be ready to be downloaded. Easy, right?


file conversion made aesy

Zamzar is a FREE online converter. It works with any files; in fact, according to their website, Zamzar converts documents, images, videos & sound. The procedure to convert files is effortless. You only need to import your files, up to 5 files per batch, then you select the format you want your files to be converted into, and the last step, you hit “Convert Now”. And, the trick is done. You also have the option of receiving an email from Zamzar when the conversion process is done. At the end of this procedure, you are ready to download your files.



FileZigZag is a FREE online conversion software. As they claim on their website, “FileZigZag converts your files online for free, with support for documents, images, archives, ebooks, audio, and video formats.”

That makes this software very interesting if you need to convert any file. Let’s stick to the audio converter for a minute. You can convert batches of files up to 50MB each. FileZigZag doesn’t offer advanced options; you can only decide the format you want to convert your files into. Audio files could be converted into Wav, WMA, OGG, M4A…. In the last step, you click on “Start Converting”, and as soon as FileZigZag has the Job done, you’re ready to download your tracks.

The Verdict

We’ve just presented you with the 9 Best FREE Online Audio Converters. The web is full of Audio Converters, but be aware that not all of them represent safe solutions. The services reviewed above are tested and completely trustworthy; in fact, here at Job Wherever we only want the best for our audience. Don’t stop following us, and feel free to reach out for any kind of queries!

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