Free Cover Letter Builder and Writing Service, which one to use?

Nowadays, writing a good cover letter can be even more important than having a good CV. A free cover letter builder looks like an attractive option to reduce the effort required to write your cover letter. But, is it a good idea? Which is the best one available? And, what about using a cover letter writing service? 

This article will answer all the questions above and teach you how to personalize your cover letter to get the job of your dreams!

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter, also known as motivation letter, is a document that you will attach to your CV when applying for a job. A cover letter aims to introduce yourself to your, hopefully, future employer and explains why you are a perfect fit for the role.

Please, keep in mind that a cover letter is not just a different version of your CV. The interviewer will read both, CV and cover letter, so there is no point to just repeat in the cover letter what is already in your CV. Also make sure to have comply to local regulations when it comes to having a picture in your CV.

The cover letter should be instead used to explain why you are the perfect fit for the job and also include something about who you are as a person and what drives you. If you want to take a look about to successful cover letters’ samples, you can find a lot of free examples of real cover letters at

In general, a cover letter should include 

  • A short introduction of yourself including your work experience and education
  • What will make you successful in the position you are applying for
  • Your strengths and interests
  • What is your ambition for the future
  • What do you like to do in your free time

Remember, a cover letter should not be longer than one page! If CEOs can fit their story in one page, I am sure you can also fit yours! Some vacancies will suggest a certain length for your cover letter. You can use our guide to count the words in your letter and make sure to comply with the request!

How to use a cover letter builder

When it comes to writing your cover letter, the main options are: a free cover letter builder (also known as cover letter creator or maker), a cover letter service and writing your letter yourself.

Tip: if you are a student your college probably offers a free CV and cover letter review service!

Hiring managers and HR read hundreds of motivation letters every day so they can easily spot a copied and pasted letter, made using a cover letter builder. For many interviewers this is a game stopper and they will not invite you for an interview if they will realize it. Does this mean that you can never use a free cover letter creator? Of course not!

Writing your own cover letter and have an expert reviewing is ALWAYS the best option. However, if you do not know any expert willing to help you and you are not willing to pay for a professional review, you can use a free cover letter maker as following to maximise your chances:

  1. Read examples of good cover letters that were successfully used to apply to jobs similar to the one you are writing your letter for (use as explained earlier)
  2. Use more than one free cover letter builder. 
  3. Each of them will create a proposal cover letter. Combined these letters to make your own letter
  4. Add some specific content from the good examples of cover letters you found in Step 1 
  5. Personalize the layout and add some personal information

Which free cover letter creator to use and how 

As explained, you will need more than one cover letter builder to create a good cover letter. I recommend to use Resumizer and Kickresume.

Writing your cover letter

Cover letter writing service 

If you want to get more help, you can have an expert write your cover letter or at least help you out with it. 

Let’s start with the free options. 

Of course no for-profit company will help you wiring your cover letter for free, however in some cases the government or your school could help you for free!
If you are a student, check your university’s website, they probably have a free service helping you with your CV and cover letter.

If you are unemployed, the government will probably offer you free consultations on how to write your letter!

Do you want a professional to write it for you? You can use An expert will write your motivation letter for around 100/150$

These were our tips to make a successful cover letter and get the job of your dreams! Don’t forget to double check your motivation letter to make sure that there are no grammar mistakes or typos. This might sound obvious, but I cannot stress enough how employers receive so many applications that they will definitely reject yours if you have mistakes in your motivation letter! Considering applying for jobs abroad? Use our guides to choose the best country for you!