What it’s like to work for a trading company – Interview with Tecnosintesi

Two traders working in a chemical trading company

After presenting the main job opportunities in chemical process engineering, this article will explain the job opportunities in the chemical trading sector. We will do this by interviewing Mr. Gimondi, partner at Tecnosintesi, a successful chemical trading company. What does a chemical trader working in a trading company do? Gimondi: “As a chemical trading company, … Read more

Software Developer vs Software Engineer

SW developer vs SW engineer

Nowadays IT and technology are probably the sectors offering the best work conditions. All the best countries to work offer great jobs in these sectors! Technical disciplines like mechanical and structural engineering have been around for centuries but this is not the case for software. Software is a much newer domain that is not so … Read more

Best Day Trips From Dublin

Trips from Dublin

Dublin is not only the capital of one of the best countries to work in Europe, but it’s also beautiful and very entertaining. You just need to know where to go and how to get there! Don’t worry, you’re lucky, today we’re here giving you suggestions, step by step, on the best day trips from … Read more

Best Work From Home Jobs in 2020

Work from home

As we’ve already said, working from home is a great opportunity that modern technology and new communication systems are offering to workers and companies. This article will guide you through the best work from home jobs. Previously, we’ve analysed skills and behaviours that will crucially help you in this long process that will make you … Read more

7 Good Reasons to Move Abroad

moving box

Moving abroad, doing the big step… sometimes it sounds like a fantasy, something that happens only in the movies, something unreachable and over the best hopes and expectations. Then, a sparkle of consciousness and you realise that your home place has changed lately, you don’t belong to it anymore, everything looks small and pointless. Well, … Read more

Jobs in Germany


Known for its high quality cars and household appliances, Germany has the biggest industry sector in Europe. However, this is not all, Germany is also the home of an enormous financial center and a fast growing startup environment. Doesn’t really matter which job you are seeking, in Germany they’re looking for someone like you! For … Read more