7 Best FREE Video Editing Software for PC, Mac and Linux in 2021

If you have a passion for video making, there’s nothing better than rewatching your footage and turning it into proper videoclips. In fact, video editing is an essential part of the video making process.  In this guide, we’re going to suggest 6 free video editing software for Pc, Mac and Linux. In this guide, you’ll … Read more

How to Hire and Retain Tech Talent

Technology has changed the way the entire workforce functions. From the introduction of computers to more complicated functions, such as artificial intelligence, entire industries are beginning to adapt to the advances of technology. Soon enough, talented tech workers are going to be required by companies in order to manage these developments and the evolution of … Read more

What it’s like to work for a trading company – Interview with Tecnosintesi

Two traders working in a chemical trading company

After presenting the main job opportunities in chemical process engineering, this article will explain the job opportunities in the chemical trading sector. We will do this by interviewing Mr. Gimondi, partner at Tecnosintesi, a successful chemical trading company. What does a chemical trader working in a trading company do? Gimondi: “As a chemical trading company, … Read more