Degiro Review 2021: Accounts and Fees – Is Degiro Safe?

A decade ago, buying stocks, bonds, ETFs, and investment funds was really expensive and only accessible for high-net-worth individuals. Thanks to online discount brokers such as Degiro, investing is now affordable for everybody. Online brokers allow investors to purchase financial products almost for free and, most importantly, do not have fixed costs that will eat … Read more

Monzo Review 2021: Cards, Rates and Fees – Is Monzo Safe?

With their low costs, amazing apps and great services, online banks are taking over the market. Monzo is a relatively new UK based bank that recently joined the crowded online banking sector. In this article I will review the services that Monzo offers, as well as its safety. Specifically, I will discuss the following topics: … Read more

Bunq Review: Travel Card, Safety and More

In today’s modern world, traditional banking is slowly being replaced by fintech online banks. The main difference between a fintech online bank and a traditional bank, is that the latter offers physical branches while the first offers their full service online. Online banks usually are really cheap when compared to traditional banks. And let’s face … Read more

Revolut review 2021: Card, Rates, Fees – Is Revolut Safe?

Revolut review: lady purchasing online with revolut

Revolut is an innovative free bank account that allows you to perform transactions in any currency without conversion fees. Revolut is both an alternative to a traditional bank or an extra card that you can use when travelling abroad.  In this Revolut review: What is Revolut Revolut card(s) Revolut fees Revolut Europe Revolut USA Revolut … Read more