How to Sign Out of YouTube & Verify YouTube Account and Password

Having issues signing out of YouTube? Can’t login to YouTube? This guide aims to help you sorting out all YouTube-related issues, to finally be able to enjoy your experience on the platform!

YouTube is a great video platform that offers incredible opportunities. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to watch videos, listen to music and start your own project uploading homemade content. Of course, we get it, it might be not as easy to figure out all the features of the platform. This article aims to explain you all the basics of YouTube, such as the sign out process, creating an account and more.

In this article:

  • How to sign out of YouTube
    • When Should You Sign Out?
  • How to Create a YouTube Account
  • How to change YouTube password
    • Forgotten Password: You Can’t Login to YouTube
    • Login and Change Password
  • A Personalised Video Experience
  • Discover YouTube Premium
  • Conclusion

How to sign out of YouTube

I know, an article about YouTube that starts talking about the sign out process. Well, you must know that signing out is a very important procedure and must be done under certain circumstances. For this reason, we’re giving priority to this process. We’ll go more into detail later, but first, let’s find out how to sign out of YouTube:

  1. Go to YouTube’s homepage and click on your photo profile in the top right corner of the screen. 
  1. Then, simply click on the “Sign out” button on the menu.
  1. And you’re signed out! Easy, right? For this reason, make sure to do it every time you use a borrowed device!

When Should You Sign Out?

People usually don’t understand the real importance of “signing out”. You should really keep in mind that if you don’t Sign out of your social networks profile, the person that will use the same device after you, will be able to manage that profile. For example, let’s assume that you are at a party. The battery of your phone is very low and at some point, it shuts down. During the night, you’re having so much fun and you ask your friend to log into your Instagram account, so you can post a photo. Well, if after doing so you forget to Sign out, your friend’s phone will stay logged into your profile and your friend will be able to manage your Instagram account. Obviously, it’s not that bad if the phone belongs to your friend, but what would happen if he’d lose the phone while signed into your account? That would certainly not be a pleasant situation!

For YouTube’s account, the situation could get even worse. In fact, YouTube’s account is controlled by Google. So, when you log into YouTube, your device is also connected to your Google profile.

So, if you’re using someone else’s computer and you login to YouTube, that computer will also be connected to your emails, Google Drive, Google Sheets, …

Now, it should be clear enough why you should always make sure to Sign out of your social profiles when the devices that you used are not yours or they’re going to fall into someone else’s hands.

How to Create a YouTube Account

One of the greatest aspects of YouTube is that the tool allows you to watch videos without logging in. This means that you don’t need to create a YouTube account to use the platform. However, if you want to upload your own videos or you’re simply looking for a personalised video experience, creating a YouTube account has to be your next step.

There’s a crucial aspect you must know. If you already own a Google account, you already own a YouTube account. In fact, YouTube was bought by Google a few years ago and now it is a sub product of the brand Google.

  1. Click on Sign in
  1. Click on Create account
  1. Select the purpose of your new account
  1. Let’s assume the account is for yourself. You’re only a few clicks away from navigating on YouTube! Fill in the last form and you’re done!

How to change YouTube password

As we’ve already explained, YouTube is now part of the Google System and to Sign up, you only need a Google account. This means that if you are trying to change your YouTube password, you simply need to work on your Google profile.

Now, if you are wondering “how to change YouTube password” because you can’t remember the one that you used when you first created the account and you can’t login to YouTube, we’re about to come to the rescue.

However, if you can login but still need to change your YouTube password, don’t you worry, we’re getting there too!

Forgotten Password: You Can’t Login to YouTube

Recovering a forgotten password is an easy job. It only takes a few steps. After that, you’ll be able to navigate and have your personalised YouTube experience, with recommended videos that you can rate and comment on. Obviously, since YouTube is a Google sub product, to recover your YouTube’s password, you’ll have to work on your Google account. Let’s assume you can’t login to YouTube.

  1. Firstly, go to Google’s Homepage and click on the Sign in button on the top right corner.
  1. A Sign in form will open up. Here, you’ll be able to insert the email address or phone number that you used the first time to Sign up to Google. When you’re done, click next.

  1. At this point, you are required to Enter your password. Obviously, you can’t, as you forgot it. For this reason, you have to click on the “Forgot your password?” button.
  1. Google gives you different opportunities to recover your account. At this stage, you’re given the opportunity to prove your identity entering an old YouTube password that you used to have. If you can remember your old YouTube’s password, just enter it and follow the instructions. You’re almost there!

However, if you can’t remember any of your old passwords, click on “Try another way”. Google will give you another opportunity to recover your account.

  1. In fact, you probably have a phone number connected to your Google account. At this stage, Google will send you a verification code to your phone number. Click “Yes” to proceed.

After clicking “Yes”, a preview of your phone number (only the last two digits) will be shown on screen. If those digits match your phone number, click “Send” and get ready to receive the verification code that will give you the opportunity to recover your account.

  1. Finally, it looks like you’ve just proven that the account belongs to you! Follow the instructions on screen to set a new password and in a couple of minutes you’ll be able to use your favourite video platform again!

Login and Change Password

We’ve already seen how to recover your password if you can’t login to YouTube. Let’s now try to figure out what to do in case you are able to log into your Google account, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you remember your password. In fact, usually when you open the browser, your profile usually connects to Google’s account without asking the password.

  1. Go to YouTube’s or Google’s homepage and click on your profile’s icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  1. Click on the button “Manage your Google Account”, underneath your profile photo.
  1. At this point, you should see all details of your account. Make sure to click on “Personal info”, on the menu on the left of your screen.
  1. All your personal information shows up here. You can change your photo profile, name, birthday, gender and password. In this case, since you want to change the password, you want to click on the small right arrow on the right of the “Password” button.
  1. And this is the final step! Follow the instructions on screen to set a new password and in a couple of minutes you’ll be able to use your favourite video platform again!

A Personalised Video Experience

This is what YouTube offers to you. An experience that you can customise in order to satisfy all your needs. In fact, after the login, YouTube will start analysing all information provided by the videos you watch and rate.

For example, let’s assume you’re a big fan of Joe Rogan’s podcast. Almost every day he comes out with a new episode of his show. YouTube will detect your enthusiasm for Joe Rogan’s videos and will recommend you more videos uploaded by him, or with the same style. This will make it easier for you to find shows you might be interested in.

Remember, this personalised video experience works not only for podcasts and interviews, but for every type of content, such as music videos, tv shows clips, interviews, …

Discover YouTube Premium

If you are enjoying your personalised video experience and you would love to take the next step, you should probably give YouTube Premium a genuine go. 

YouTube Premium is a paid service offered by YouTube that gives you the opportunity to get rid of all those annoying limitations such as commercials that are included in the free version of the platform.

YouTube Premium is a unique platform that allows you to watch Ads Free videos, also offline. In fact, you can download the content on your Smartphone and watch it anytime, even without an internet connection. Also, you’ll finally be able to lock your phone, or to use other apps, while videos play in the background. 

If you’d like to know more about YouTube Premium, you should check out our guide about How Much Does YouTube Premium Cost? Free Trial, Plans and More.


Everybody knows and uses YouTube; in fact, we’re talking about the most famous video platform ever. We’ve already mentioned all the great aspects of this tool and as we said, to have a complete YouTube experience you must signup and login. By doing so, you’ll get a personalised selection of videos ready for you, according to what you usually watch and rate.

However, in this guide we decided to give priority to the sign out process. The reason for this is the importance of knowing how to sign out of YouTube in a digital world where everybody mainly cares about their social fame more than their real life. We recommend you to make sure to be the only one managing your social network profiles and to not let anybody else control them for you.

Now, you know how to sign up, log in and log out of YouTube. You should be able to enjoy the platform safely and without any restrictions. Enjoy your next steps on YouTube!

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